The Path To Love
As I took my last earthly breath, I had felt myself ascending into heaven, where; I met the gods', & I could see Lord Shiva smiling at me, telling me; how I died, & was carried to heaven, & asked me; "which reincarnation would you prefer?" "A female Naga, or; a female warrior, who is a Present Day Writer, like you once were?" As I had always loved snakes' & other reptiles'; I had chosen to become a Female Naga. While I had gone back to earth, I knew my new life as a Female Naga, was about to begin. While I was caught by a snake charmer, & put in a small cage, I was brought to a palace, as a gift to The Young Rajah, Abdul Anahasi. While I had been brought to the palace, I had heard the movement of the snake charmer's flute, & had danced to it; until he stopped playing it. While I was brought to The King Abdul, I was released from the basket; as one of the men, who were the King's brother, told him; "be careful Abdul, she might bite." "She's not like us, she is a Wild Naga." "I wonder if she talks, & can turn into Human form, like we can." Abdul said; while letting me out of the basket; as. I had turned into a human form, while I was helped up. "Who are you?" I heard The Rajah ask. "I don't know." I said. While I hadn't known who I was anymore, I had said, "I don't know." "Well, from now on, you're Slytherina." Abdul said. As months had passed, I was in The Royal Court, & I had known that something was going to happen. As I had been with Rajah Abdul, for quite some time, he finally asked me to marry him; as, I had said yes. While everyone was happy, on the day of my wedding, I swore, I could see Abdul smiling, while he had told me a secret, a secret; not even his brothers' knew; he was actually, a Naga, as well as; a Son of The God Lord Shiva, who brought me back to life; as, I was reincarnated in the form of a Female Naga or Cobra, after we were married; & alone together. While I was shocked, I also wasn't shocked, because my new husband looked exactly like Lord Shiva; in Human Form. "Your secret is safe with me." I said, smiling. "Good." "No one must know." Abdul said, as we had been together, not knowing that one of his brothers' had heard his brother's secret. While I had a vision, I had told Abdul, "we need to leave." "Now." "There are assassins' after you, &; I am not willing to lose you!" While I had heard the doors' being burst opened, I had seen a train; so, I had helped Abdul on it, & then, hopped onto it, myself; as, the train had gone from where we were. As I could see the train went up to heaven, I could see that it stopped in the center of the palace, where; Abdul & I had gotten off. While I could see that the assassins' were killed by the gods', who protected us, I was happy. While we had gone to earth, after seeing Lord Shiva & The Goddess Khali; who, was Abdul's Step-Mother, we had defeated the evil brothers', & their followers'; who wanted nothing more than to get rid of The Son of Shiva, &; where there were desolate wastelands', & other places', that were effected by dark magic; from Abdul's brothers', Abdul & I had used our magic, to restore our land. After we were both crowned as king & queen, I had known thar my life as a Reincarnated Female Naga, known as Queen Slytherina; was only about to begin.