Sins of the Father
BANG! The door opened. The boy’s rage had caught up with his patience. It was all written all over his now not-so-handsome face. A lot has pushed him to this point, and like many men in such a position, he looked like he was about to break something. He did not even bother to close the door behind him, he had other things in mind. Other things he needed to address. Things that like a volcano, he was about to erupt, and like a god on a peak, watch it all burn down to ashes. As soon as his boots touched the floor of his room, he hurriedly began shuffling through his scattered belongings. After a few seconds of this and that, he found them, a pen and a rather old exercise book. He sat down on the cold floor – he was ready. And he wrote his father a letter:
“I tried your way, it bore no fruits but pains. My palms wore blisters and my back ached for days. The lands were barren and the trees gave me no shade. The sun showed no mercy and the rains were heavy. I suffered. Because of you!
You led me astray; I was blind. I saw from your eyes and you showed me a lie. Who was I not to believe? My innocence and naivety ruled behind your controlling hand. Thus, it was an easy sale. You betrayed me!
You taught me the wrong lessons or rather did not teach me enough. I know that now. Life teaches, and I have learned plenty through living. I have learned that men can be wrong and nature is always right. I hope to get it right someday.
Father, I came across monsters the other day. When I was young, you told me that they do not exist while in fact, they do. You tricked me then, and now I see them well-dressed, waving in smiles. Shame on you!
You never told me of luck. That the more we live, the more we run out of luck. That the many that lack, curse the few that are lucky, fruitlessly. I have come to understand that luck and lack are two sides of the same coin, only worlds apart. And that if you are lucky, you get to live. But maybe you forgot to, Father. After all, you had your life to live too.
I am disappointed that you saw we had to build from the lesser of life’s revelations. How compromising of you. If those were your only visions then you are typically blind as they come, and you tried to drag me into the hole with you. How inconsiderate of you. You talked about responsibility but did not live up to the same word you preached. You came first, saw first, and lived long before me, but failed to notice that I needed to be better. How selfish of you. I blame you for all the faults in my making.”

© Ommie