A mysterious disease killed 95% of all humans. You survived by keeping to yourself and being alone. One day, you found a woman stuck under some rubble. She calls for your help and promptly does so.

I quickly grabbed her hands and with all my strength pulled her out of the rubble. She appeared so weak and hydrated with little breath in her but her face shows signs of relieve. She managed to smile and nodded her head.
I quickly get my phone and the ambulance was minutes away. She was wheeled into the van on a stretcher and off to the hospital. Sabina was a charming looking lady, a single mother. From her story she was on her way to work when this heavy rain started and she decided to take shelter under a building , unknown to her a warning sign was there that states people should stay clear of the building because it was weak.

Thank God she was just by the entrance of the building and was not totally covered by the rubbles. It was on one of her journey to a night shift at work. Sabina has been under the rubbles throughout the night. On that faithful day she left home after she had her dinner of yam porridge with fish and vegetables. Her son a teenager was in a boarding house. So she lives alone and visit the son periodically and the son comes home on holidays.
Kelvin got home from school " where is mum " he asked the flat share mates. " Gone to work " answered Rufina. But she should have come back , may be she stayed behind for overtime. The son got her keys from where they agreed to keep it and entered her flat. Evening time Sabina was not home , by now Kelvin is worried about her mum. He headed to her work place. At his mums office he was told the unexpected. " Your mum is in the hospital" says madam Mollis. Putting her hand on Kelvins shoulder, " your mum will be fine " as soon as I got a phone call yesterday about her accident I went to see her and she is doing fine "
" Where is the hospital located? asked troubled Kelvin. " Ring road" answered madam Mollis. " Thanks madam Mollis " Kelvin jumped up headed straight to the hospital. His mum was been wheeled out of the Theater after an emergency operation. " Robbing his mums head with his fingers " Mum you will be fine " said Kelvin. His mum nodded her head in reply.
"Thank God the stitches are off " Sabina said as they entered the Taxi. "Tomorrow you will be back at school." " Yes mum , but I dont feel like going. " you will be alone doing all things yourself " " cant I stay a week more ? " I will catch up with class lessons "
" My dear you have to go , I will be fine " answered Sabina.
Your final examination is soon so go prepare and pass. , I will be fine. She pecked Kelvin in his chicks.
" All ready mum , my taxi will soon be here. " Kelvin gave his mum a long hug and hopped into the taxi and the taxi drove off.
My phone rang " hello is that Tesnim ? "
Sabina was online , she thanked me and told me how she was operated upon and now she is back home. I apologised for not been able to visit her. I explained how I got this cold after dropping her in the hospital. I told her I am getting better and will soon start work and hope to pay her a visit. She was not happy that I fell sick after helping her. She said she will have to visit me and know me better.
I was happy she is fine and all went well.
I was invited to Kelvins graduation and we had a fun full time together.

Years later , Kelvin is now my son inlaw as he fell in love with my daughter Mama. Mama and Kelvin got a set of twins this month. And how two strangers become a one family.

What happened next is up to what you will write.
© Bunkej