The extreme Heartbreak
The car swerved around the sharp mend giving a narrow miss to the on-coming bus and everything seemed like it would end just like that. It was like I was dreaming and then I saw the heart breaker clinging on me 'I miss you' he said and I was like he was joking, you broke my heart and the next moment you said you missed me. I thought I was dreaming and I had a mixed feeling I was angry at him for breaking my heart and also happy to see and have him back with me, it seemed like a miracle to have my 'so called soul mate ' back to myself. He carried me into the car and he drove me off to an unknown destination. I was actually hoping we were going on a date and was anticipating on what to eat and do and maybe he was actually going to propose. I was already blushing and daydreaming about a fake date and a proposal when he pulled towards a big white painted building. The place was actually filled with so many people wearing a white attire. I didn't even take any notice, I actually thought they were staffs and waiters and waitresses, the date and the proposal had already filled my mind and suddenly he carried me and he started running and I was also accompanyed by three to four people and we're running after me. I couldn't even figure out what was actually happening, then up to like seven people were beside me on the bed and they were wearing some blue cloth and some nose covers. I was wondering why they wore nose covers, did I poo on my body or what I just didn't bother until something sharp entered into my body and I felt my whole system turning upside and I started feeling sleepy. I struggled to let my eyes open but to no avail, I closed my eyes
A while later I opened them, only to see a dashing, handsome, black eyed young man string and smiling at me. When he saw me open my eyes he called unto the someone I don't know and a lady in a white cloth came to me and took a look at me. I was actually praying that she should leave the room so I can speak with the handsome man and my prayers seemed to be answered, she left the room leaving me and the handsome man alone. To my disappointed he wasn't the heart breaker but another heart and soul breaker
He was a married and good Samaritan

© Alabi Esther