The City Is Awake Tonight.
The howl that rang out the silent night was heard across the slumbering streets.
The hair rose at the back of their heads.
The monster had escaped...
Everyone should be on alert, all hands should be on deck.
The city is silent, fear is hovering over it, chilly fear runs through their spines, the monster they made is on the loose.
Everyone is scared for their lives, no one wants to die, not from the claws of a monster atleast.
He used to be one of them, just a bit different. With dark curly hairs like a lion's mane, and dark skin that shines in the dark, he was marked from birth.
They isolated and tortured him, made him do the inhumane tasks, he became an object of ridicule and fun, his skin, they beat and burn.
Gradually his fingers became claws, his tooth became canine, he was chained and feed like a beast that scavenges, and eats wild stuffs.
Tonight he broke his chains, a mighty howl he let out from his hole, he broke out from his dungeon below, he is seeking for vengeance and blood to quest his thirst.
The city is awake tonight, the monster is on prowl this night.
© Toobrightanthony