Its existence is not true ( Chapter 1 )
Chapter 1:- The Beginning
Me and my friends shifted to a foreign country.
It was very hard to learn how to speak a different language. But after sometime everything became normal.

Our summer holidays had started. It was a hot afternoon and we were playing chess. There was a competition between me and Fred. Will, George and Steve were watching. Fred used his Knight and I used my Bishop and it was CHECKMATE!!! .

Fred's reaction was like he saw a ghost. Well, everything is fair in love and War. Suddenly someone screamed. We rushed. The sound came from my neighbour's house. It was Chris.
Chris is a 5 year old boy. He is orphan.
We rushed towards Chris. I asked," Chris, is everything alright?" He didn't say anything. He took us towards his bathroom. When we reached we saw that the Chris's pet dog Goldy,
was hanging by a rod. Its head was lying down on the floor. And its blood was dripping. Without saying anything George called police.

Police came and they sealed the house. Chris lost his parents in a car accident. They died in a car accident. Chris's condition was critical when he was admitted in the hospital.
But he survived. From then, my parents and neighbours helped him. We bought a pet dog for him. He lived happily with Goldy. But now, Goldy was dead.
We brought Chris in my house. My parents were on a tour in abroad due to some family issues. It was expected that they would come after 1 month. " What should we do now?", asked Fred.

Will replied," We can't do anything until police are doing their work."

Everyone was clueless. But I had a doubt. If it's a murder then a single person can't do this. Otherwise the dog would start barking.

Steve said," We can't stay silent. Our primary task is to protect Chris".

Chris's eyes were full of sadness. We decided to investigate the situation.
I took Will with me. As per Goldy's situation, its neck and remaining body was scattered. I and Will followed the P.M. report. P.M. report said that the dog must have fallen from 50-58 meters high and its neck broke because it fell hard on a Rocky surface.
I and Will went to find a building that was exactly 50-58 meters high. I rang the bell. A lady opened the door.

She asked," how can I help you?"

I replied," Ma'am, I am a new resident residing on the first floor. I lost my keys. Can I make a call?"

I lied. I buzzed into the house. We searched everywhere but we found nothing. But when we looked down from the balcony, we saw a big rock lying down. Hence proved.

The lady asked, " Have you talked with your parents?"

I replied," I found my key. It was in my pocket."

The lady was in shock. But we ignored and came home. Chris was disappointed but there was no other choice. We can't bring his dog back. Chris was feeling sleepy. So, he slept in my bedroom.

The day passed. New day came but it was my worst day in my life. We felt a foul smell in my house. My friends and I went in my bathroom. And we saw that Chris was lying in the bathtub.

His left arm was stuck in the window of the bathroom. His face was destroyed. A big rock was lying on the floor. Chris's face was completely destroyed. There was a mirror in my bathroom. Someone wrote on the mirror with blood:

You can't catch me!

To be continued.................


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