Living Nightmare
Hey I'ma take y'all for a ride. Relaying my paralysis I was in a state where I couldn't move. A dark shadow of a branch outside slightly scratching my window from my room looks like a hand trying desperately to get inside. Teddy bears upon my shelf glows with ominous eyes, piecing down at me in every direction, it felt so surreal and believe it or not, this eerie feeling is a septuacentennial that happens on the 1st of January of every year. The night my mother died. It's a great introduction to the new year. Shivering i lay in a puddle of my own piss wondering when this will go away. Retreating into my happy place, I'm frolicking through a meadow with a basket of flowers in one hand and an apple in the other, as I stop and take a breath, I look amongst the gregarious flowers in correspondence with nature around it puts me in a relaxed state.
This is what my mom told me to do if the nocturnal monsters come out, it's almost adnauseam but I can feel my consciousness feeding as I begin to fall asleep. With a loud sound I jump up from my bed to see a skeleton with eyes of a megalomaniac who enjoys voyeurism and reeks of pure evil. Hoping he's a phantasmal but it all seems too real, especially when it begins to crawl on my bed creeping ever so slowly to my face. "Is this even exoteric" I thought to myself, I felt one of his hands grab my thigh as leverage to use it to crawl closer. Knowing that I can feel its touch confirms that this is no dream or nightmare, It's real.
Its face is now inches from mine and I can smell its abominable miasma from its breath. It's absolutely revolting. As the thought occurred that this was interminable it's mouth opened wide and leapt forward covering the whole area around me as everything went black. I jump up now sitting up on my bed breathing hard as my heart pounds in my chest causing my whole body to move from every heartbeat. I look into the light that seeps through my window of my now padded room. I know my nightmare has concluded. Reality sets in when I remember where I am, a psychiatric ward for the loonies, I'm in quire to have my meds or antibiotics is what they call it. I cry knowing my reality, being in this box knowing I can't change what is to be, sobs echo throughout the hallway as the staff comes in to apprehend me and inject me with some kind of suspicious liquid. The sobs die down from a cry to a laughter that now echoes throughout the facility. Now I'm back at the start of the story where it all began.

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