Love like an avatar spark.
What a fascinating prompt! Here's a historical fiction story, "Love like an Avatar Spark,"

In ancient India, during the reign of the mighty Gupta Empire (320-550 CE), a young prince named Vikramaditya ruled over the kingdom of Ujjain. Renowned for his wisdom, bravery, and unwavering dedication to his people, Vikramaditya was a just and compassionate ruler.

One fateful day, while on a hunting expedition, Vikramaditya stumbled upon a mysterious and beautiful woman, Kalinga, in the dense forests of the Vindhya Mountains. Kalinga was a skilled warrior, an expert in the ancient art of Kalaripayattu, and a devotee of the goddess Durga. Her piercing green eyes and raven-black hair left the prince enchanted.

As their paths crossed, a spark of love ignited between them, much like the divine avatar spark that brought the gods to earth. Vikramaditya and Kalinga's love blossomed, defying the boundaries of royal protocol and social norms. Together, they explored the mystical realms of the forest, discovering hidden waterfalls and secret temples.

Their love became a beacon of hope for the kingdom, inspiring the people to embrace the power of love and compassion. Vikramaditya and Kalinga's union brought peace and prosperity to Ujjain, and their reign became known as the Golden Era of Love.