Time Train & Life full of dilemma
Write a story about a time-train. You're standing right in the midst of a railroad track.There are two sides to every story: One that is positive and the other is negative. You have to choose between two sides, but you have no idea which one is which.
People read the newspaper and tell the news that "a young man or a young woman committed suicide by coming under the train." What is the air to the youth of today, why do they give up so quickly? But no one tries to know why he gave up on life or what was the pain forced him to take this decision?
It just becomes the top line of a news story. For now, I will go on with my story.
The mind had become very sad, I was not understanding what to do now and to whom should I tell the pain of my heart? I was completely broken, neither I had any purpose for the living nor any hope I had the rest. Life was starting to feel hollow and I probably did not have the power to bear the pain then. Did you, my friend, I did not have any hope from any relationship in life. I started living alone, no matter how much the crowd was around me, my friends or I was just sad in myself. One night I was sitting alone and I was drowning in the depth of thought, then I heard the sound of the train and I started getting pulled towards the train, I didn't know what I was going to do? A voice came from inside me. It was "just tolerated a lot now, it is better to live in this cruel world than to surrender yourself and think of dying and moving forward."
I had come on the train track, I had taken the position of committing suicide by coming under the train. The sound of the train was coming, maybe it would come on this track, I was thinking that the train was looking right in front of me, then I started seeing all the mistakes of the track in front of my eyes and the behavior that happened to me. I did not know whether this was my hypothesis or the truth, but whatever it was, my mistakes and the misbehavior of people with me, I could see all that, tears were flowing from my eyes. The fire of pain or whatever was in my heart, maybe tears were flowing. I was feeling all this and these moments I hardly wanted to live in front of my eyes looked like burning leaves in a whirlwind. I started crying loudly, started screaming, then a soothing voice comes in my ear, "Dad, don't you go, where are you?"
I looked back and saw my daughter standing on the other side of the track, she was calling and looking for me. I didn't know if it was real or just an illusion. I was watching her cry and when she moved towards me I was trying to take her off the track to save her from the train, I ran towards her but there was no one there in a glance of the eyes The train also derailed. Then I realized that I also have a purpose for my life and why it is necessary for me to live my life. My mind became calm and I also gave up the decision to suicide and started walking towards home, as soon as I reached home, I hugged my daughter and started crying.
I got the hope of living, but in the affairs of others, I do not think that they have any such hope, the reason for this is also our society, we leave such people to die alone who start living alone. That's how their smile turns into pain, maybe no one will ever know. Becoming a new ray of light in the difficult times of others is the same true humanity and perhaps this is life in the face of difficult situations.

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