Akira and Aksh (love story)
characters details: Akira - a very intelligent girl with good looks and having friendly nature.

Aksh: Smart , less friendly nature and good at handelling electronic gadgets.

Sameer : Akira's classmate

Naina : Akira' s best friend

Rohan: Aksh's best friend

(And other than this Akira and Aksh was childhood friends)

So story begins.....

Scene: In evening Aksh and Akira was walking in park .

Aksh : plucked out one flower 🌹
(inner: today I will surely express my feeling to Akira that how much I ❤️)

Akira: hey kuch chupa rahe ho kya

Aksh: nhi nhi aisa kuch nhi h

Akira : don't lie I just seen it u have something back at you hands.

Aksh : ( nervous) hmn nhi

Akira : bta bhi do....

Aksh : mera dil ( spoked without thinking)

Akira : kya mtlb

Aksh : ( looked at her eyes and said and bend his knees and pulled out the flower to gave her)

kuch ankhai kahaniya hai jo
tumhe sunani thi
kuch hatho ki lakire tumse milani thi
aagar izazat do tum
dil ki baat tumhe sunani thi....

Aksh: so kya tum sunoegyi

Akira: stop yarr we are just friends, I have never thought of it ...

Aksh : par what's the problem we are friends and we can be together too forever 💗

Akira: no , hum bas aache dost hai
isse zada kuch nhi ..

Aksh : oh

( silents surround both of them)

Akira : ok I have to go it's getting late.

Aksh : par kha

Akira : ghar aur kha

Aksh : hnmm so chlo m tumhe drop kar deta hu

Akira: no thnks I will manage.

Aksh : par it's evening it's not safe...

Akira : I will manage .

Aksh : hmnn (worried about her)

( she went away but aksh silently followed her to ensure that she reached safely )

next part will come soon
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