Lucy Letby: Prolific Baby Murder The UK Had Ever Seen

This one guys TRULY MAKES ME SICK. Disgusted as a mother. I heard about Lucy Letby on YouTube and knew I had to write about this monster.

It was a heartbreaking case that shocked the United Kingdom: the arrest of Nurse Lucy Letby, a serial killer who preyed on vulnerable, premature babies in neonatal units in England. Letby, who worked as a neonatal nurse, is believed to have killed at least 8 infants in her care over a period of several years. The full extent of her crimes were unknown for so long, but the investigation has revealed a pattern of murder and neglect that has left a community of grieving families and a nation searching for answers.

At the heart of this tragedy are the families whose infant children were killed by Letby. The parents of these children are struggling to come to terms with the fact that someone they trusted with their child's life could be a murderer. Although it may never be possible to understand the motivations behind Letby's actions, it is important to remember that her victims were innocent babies who deserved better than what they received.

It is said that Lucy suffered from Munchausen Byproxy Syndrome. Which is a mental illness that causes abuse towards mostly children. People who suffer with this mental illness make up illness or causes illness for attention brought to them. Much like the story of Gypsy Blanchard, which is another tragic story for all involved. (Let me know if you want that story)

The first signs that something was amiss at Countess of Chester Hospital came in 2015, when staff noticed an unusually high number of infant deaths. Initially, the hospital believed that the deaths were due to natural causes, but further investigation revealed that something far more sinister was at play: Nurse Letby had been murdering babies in her care with lethal doses of insulin.

The investigation into Letby revealed a disturbing pattern: she had been manipulating medical records and manipulating other hospital staff to cover up her crimes. She also targeted vulnerable babies in her care—those who couldn't fight back or report what she was doing—as well as those who would be unlikely to survive due to their medical conditions.

Lucy was injecting insulin and air into these babies tubes and stomachs. She would text colleagues talking about how heartbreaking her job was seeing babies pass away, with colleagues unaware of her crimes consoling her because she was around for all these deaths. I don't understand how someone can commit so many murders all on her shift and nobody suspects her of these murders.

Some of these precious babies would make it through her treacherous acts. Some would die after first attack but many of these babies were attacked several times, up to 4 attempts. All on her shift. Babies were taken from the hospital she worked at to be taken to different hospitals of at intensive care units, and as soon as they came back to the hospital Lucy worked at they would immediately decline again.

After committing these atrocities Lucy would make baby boxes, would send sorry cards to parents, talk about how she liked taking care of their deceased children, that they were beautiful. She would go as far as following these parents on Facebook and social media sites to follow their grief and posts about losing their child. If that is not sick I do not know what it. I just don't understand how her murders were left unnoticed for so long.

The hospital brushed all these deaths under the rug for far too long. Finally turned in by a group of doctors who grew suspicious of Lucy BUT Lucy went BACK to supervisor management saying she was being bullied treated differently by this group of doctors. They made these group of doctors apologize to Lucy for the accusations. Lucy had a small vacation before her last murders, messaged colleagues and said "time to come back with a bang" where she later murdered her last two babies who were triplets, one was killed by her first attempt, the second baby she tried murdering twice, he was transported to another part of the hospital when being taken away Lucy said AND I QUOTE "he's not leaving here alive is he." in which he did not make it. And only hours later TRIED claiming another child but luckily failed. She was moved out of the baby ward INDEFINITELY were NO MORE deaths had happened.

Although Letby claimed she had no memory of killing any infants in her care, she was charged with eight counts of murder and ten counts of attempted murder.

The case of Nurse Lucy Letby has left many people questioning how this could have happened and why it took so long for anyone to notice something was wrong. It is clear that there were failures in communication between hospital staff and management which allowed the killings to go undetected for so long. It is also important to consider how difficult it must have been for those providing care for these babies and their families—not only dealing with life-limiting conditions but also the fear of something like this happening.

Some of the babies have moved on to live normal lives but I think 2 or 3 have conditions they have to deal with their entire lives. She left one child completely immobile, can't hear, speak, has a 24/7 feeding tube, and suffered from brain damage and has to have 24/7 care. One other child a victim of her disgusting acts has brain damage.

As a mother I physically CANNOT imagine this. I cannot fathom someone wanting to hurt INNOCENT premature babies. Watching them struggle to breath and throw up blood while watching. As one of these parents idk what I would do, or say, or act. Comment what you would do as a parent of one of these babies?

The case of Lucy Letby serves as a chilling reminder that even in places where we entrust our loved ones to receive the best care possible, there can still be monsters lurking among us. It is essential that all healthcare facilities review their policies and procedures to ensure that these types of tragedies never happen again. It is also important to remember those affected by Letby's actions—the families whose innocent children were taken too soon—as they grieve for their loss.

"Letby wrote “I AM EVIL I DID THIS” on a post-it note found by police at her home, in what was the closest the prosecution got to a confession. She also wrote: “I don't deserve to live. I killed them on purpose because I'm not good enough to care for them, there are no words, kill myself." Also they found medical reports of these childrens death, bed sheets, photos of cards she made she sent parents, and screenshots of Facebook posts made by the families.

You absolutely do not deserve to live Lucy.

Sorry for such a horrible story, I just have to bring aware to parents TRUST NO ONE. It's sad we have to be on alert with our children 24/7 but people are sick.

Lucy was charged with: 7 counts of murder and multiple attempted murders. Her case lasted months upon months because a lot of these babies were premature and had underlying issues. So proving her guilty was a whole story in its own. She ended up with 14 life sentences.

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