Threads of Words
Once a man went to a scholarly sage and asked him, " Master, why should we have a control over our words "

The sage smiled and replied, " would you do me a favor ?" "yes" replied the man. Sage said , " Then go to the potter and get me a freshly prepared pot." The man then went to the potter and ordered him to make a pot starting from a hump of clay. The man returned to the sage after a month and gave him the pot . Sage after accepting the pot broke it by throwing it down on ground. The man replied back angrily, " Why did you ordered me to give you the pot when you wanted to just break it ? "

The sage with a smile on his calm face explained, " It took a month for the potter to make this pot while on other hand I destroyed it in less than a second in the same way it takes a long time for your words to make yours relations as perfect as this pot but only a single word said in anger or frustration is enough to ruin all your relations you made in years. The threads of words are so delicate just as of butterfly's wings. They can be easily broken apart but to create them requires the combined efforts of your patience and love."

Angry, but satisfied the man finally found his answer.

© RV Patil