(A dermatology medical malpractice case)


Detective: "What do we have here? The Maestro's sanctum?"

Officer: "It appears Consuelo wasn't the sole architect."

As the trial recommenced, the defense introduced the new evidence, giving clarifications on Consuelo's involvement. The prosecution's case wavered.

The courtroom, now enveloped in silence. The defense attorney, who's a friend of mine is handling her case.

Attorney Trevor: "Esteemed jury, we've been pursuing a phantom. The true malefactor remains at liberty."

Prosecutor Mercy "This alters the entire narrative..."

The Maestro, monitoring from his hideout, was aware that his capture was imminent.

Yet, he reserved a final gambit, a disclosure that would unsettle the foundations of Ann Arbor county.

The Maestro: "Let the endgame commence."

Consuelo Bolosan's story continued to spin and wind, each disclosure prompting further inquiries. Who is The Maestro? To what extent does this conspiracy reach? And what is his ultimate revelation?

As the courtroom, charged with expectancy.

Judge:"The defense will now present its argument regarding the new proof."

Attorney Trevor: "Your Honor, esteemed jurors, we are presented with a textbook example of diversion. Consuelo Bolosan, whom you recognize as Derma Con, has been depicted as the architect of a deceitful plot.
Yet, the evidence we've discovered narrates an alternate tale."

Prosecutor Mercy: "Objection, Your Honor! This purported new evidence is merely a ploy to shift culpability."

Judge: "Dismissed. Proceed with your presentation, defense."

Attorney Trevor: (brandishing the mask)

"This visage was located in a hidden sector of the clinic, a sector unbeknownst to Ms. Bolosan.

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