Faded footprint...
The world looks so beautiful from heaven. God! Can i have a closer look and experience some blissful moment, urged the soul
Someone from earth doing prayer to enter motherhood.
What a fate! the woman's prayers were fruitful and the soul begins it's journey in her womb. It could feel the positivity and love that mother received. Woman used to chat everyday with the tiny soul, it's heartbeat were the reply that gave mother hope and strength. With each passing moment the hope and excitement grew of the loved ones on the other side little soul was eagerly waiting to be pampered by them and explore the magnificent world that it dreamt of.
Sometimes Happiness have to surrender in front of fate.
The dream which was on the verge of becoming true left a scar of trauma , hard to heal in this life. The home which was all ears to laughter and blabbering of the new life, mourned in the silence.
Word "pain" can't explain the loss of heartbeat that mother nurtured with her blood. Ocean felt null witnessing the tears that father held back.
Those little steps that they wished to see faded somewhere to else's world leaving it's footprint in their tears..
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