Fruit Vendor
Once, The King and his Prime Minister decide to went for a secret inspection in capital city in disguise. No one were able to recognise them and whenever someone asked about their identity they simply reply, "We are trader. We have heard a lots of appreciation for your King so we are going to the royal palace for signing some business treaty."

They were going to each and every shop asking some or other questions. By now, the sun have came overhead and since, it was a hot summer day, both of them started feeling thirsty and hungry. They started searching for an eatables shop. Soon, it came in their sight in the middle of the market. Some people were already enjoying mouth watering hot puris and aaloo sabji. The owner of the shop greeted both of them and requested them to have a seat while another man brought water for them in small earthen pot. After drinking the cold water, they felt relieved and then the King gave his order.
The prime minister refused politely saying, "Thank you but today is the day of Purnima and I keep fast on every Purnima and Amavasya."
The King then thought to buy some fruits for his prime minister.
After coming out of the eatables shop, they went towards the fruit vendors and searched for bananas but nowhere get it.
The King turned to the prime minister and said, "Mahamantri, there is no banana in this market. How can it be possible?"
The Prime Minister replied, "I am also confused, Maharaja. Bananas are most easily available and cheap fruit. Even common man buy it as food and temple priest for offering and distributing among daily visitors of temples. We should ask from these fruit vendors, what is the matter?"
Both of them then went near an young fruit vendor and asked about the reason of unavailability of bananas in the market.
The fruit vendor replied, "It seems both of you are new to this place. In this market, you can get banana at that old man shop," He said pointing and then continued, "His daughter marriage is in next month so all of us decided to not sell bananas so that he can earn some extra money to perform his daughter marriage. He is a man of self respect. All of us decided to contribute but he refused so at the last we have taken this decision."
The King then said to the prime minister, "Mahamantri, I am feeling blessed that these types of persons are our praja who are willingly helping each other in their time of need and I am their King," then he became serious and ordered, "I hereby order you to buy all the fruits of that old man and provide him the money and all other essential accessories required for his daughter marriage from the royal treasure but also make sure that his self respect doesn't get hurted."
The prime minister replied, "As your wish, Maharaja," saying this he went to follow the order.
© Ayush Ranjan