A Prologue I've been working on
She can't really tell exactly when or how she fell for her. She knew she noticed it when even the smell of her soap made her feel at home, all warm and fuzzy. Even the trail of clothes she left around the house were endearing to her. Was it ever different from this?
She remembers looking into her eyes for a moment too long when they first met. She thought she kinda looked like Peter Pan, but make it edgy and sapphic: short and wavy honey hair, a piercing bellow her bottom lip and her charmingly green eyes, with de little brown spots in it. It was like finding something she always needed, and always had. Something out of reach, but also familiar. It was not something she ever discussed with anyone, though, and she was never going to.
Ollie and June even meeting was absurdly difficult. They came from different cities, different backgrounds - both turbulent. "Fate really is something, isn't it?" June wonders silently as she watches Ollie sleeping, with her head on her chest and a tiny smile on her lips. The girl awake runs her fingers through the asleep one's hair and caresses right behind her pierced ear. A small content sound escapes Ollie's throat and June feels her heart melt. How can someone be this fucking beautiful?
Well, maybe the whole thing started when they met at work, on that alternative pub with expensive drinks and people who looked way too cool to be passing out in the bathroom. Ollie made the pretty drinks that made them throw up and June delivered it to them. Ollie wore a white shirt and a black tie, always clean and tight, and June wore the glittering flare pants with the heels and the barely-there shirt. They worked from 7pm untill 3am and since the begining made a habit of laughing together telling stories about the clients and supporting each other over the absolute shit show that was going on in their personal lives, over drinks and wiping sticky tables clean.
Ollie was in an unhappy and kind of toxic relationship at the time they met. She was looking for a way out, and didn't care how, but had somethings to settle before leaving. The thing about love is that it doesn't go away just because the person you love is bad for you. And you never really stop caring, do you? So she had to figure out how to leave without leaving her girlfriend aimless.
And June... Well, June was in an unhappy life. Studying for a degree she didn't want anymore, living in a apartment that wasn't hers, dating a men who didn't have an ounce of ambition in his body and wasn't speaking to her family - but that one, maybe, was for the best. At least she thought so. Also, she had friends, only they didn't understand exactly what working and studying was like - how consuming.
When Ollie did broke up her relationship, they didn't talk much after work. Just drank and cleaned next to each other. It was weird but comforting in some ways. And on the next day, June couldn't handle anymore all this trying not to pry thing so she finnaly decided to take action.
"So you two broke up? Like... For real?" June asked in disbelief stirring her drink with a metal straw, the flannel over her bony shoulder.
"Yeah" Ollie answered without a trace of remorse for the untrained eye. However, those were very well trained eyes.
"It really must have taken a lot of courage, you know, getting out of a relationship where you built a life together" The brunette commented occasionally sipping through the straw "I'm here if you need anything, you know"
"Well, I need to get out of that apartment, like, right now" It was kind of a joke but it actually wasn't. Ollie had some idea of how June felt about her living situation, but she didn't know at the time that June was actually desperate to get out. And, honestly, she wouldn't mind some company giving the state os absolute chaos that her mind was.
It was at that moment, when they stared at each other, wide eyes and drunken manic grins, that our story starts. This could work, they thought. It had to.