JENNIE "The Villian"
JENNIE "The Villain"
Hii, its jennie kim aka "the villian of the k pop" that's what people call me Actually also i don't know why they call me that but now i am used to it..
My other names are..
• human chanel
• nini
• Jendeukie
• Jen
• Human Gucci
• Chanel Girl
Well, that's what my blink call me and i love them but still some of the blinks still hate me but i will always return love..


Sooo, my alleged relationship history dates back to even before my debut with BLACKPINK. At the time i was training in 2015, rumours circulated that there was something going on between me and Big Bang's Taeyang. Not only Taeyang posted a picture of the singer, but he also followed my private Instagram account.
In 2017, soon after BLACKPINK's debut, i was linked up with producer Teddy Park, who is the name behind the band's various tracks. However, it did not take my agency YG Entertainment much time to dismiss the rumours and even warn those who were spreading it.

[ dating rumours]


My brief relationship with EXO member Kai grabbed many headlines in 2018. Kai’s agency SM Entertainment even confirmed the couple’s relationship in a statement, but the two parted ways in January 2019.


I was also linked up with Grammy-winning singer Harry Styles in 2019. While there was not much evidence to this rumour, fans were elated to note that Styles began following the Solo singer and also attended one of the band’s concerts.


I and Big Bang member G-Dragon worked on two songs: That XX and BLACK. Many media outlets reported in 2021 that the 27-year-old was dating G-Dragon as i was even spotted leaving the singer’s house. Following the rumours, YG Entertainment released a statement in which they said they could not confirm about the artist’s personal life.


One of the main reason i got hate nowdays like Seariously....just to love!!

Last year, Kim Taehyung, aka V, was spotted in a car with me, As the photos of the two began making rounds on the internet, many claimed that the two of us were dating. As the rumours heated up, BTS‘ agency Bighit Music released a statement and mentioned that they would take legal action against those defaming the Butter singer.

i want to ask a question to you guys is love a curse that i can't do it and even why you trust social media there's many rumours going on will you believe all of them please stop it and even if some of them are real than What's wrong..
You guys hate me because the rumours was about me and taehyung dating so if we are Actually dating than What's wrong one day he will marry a women what will you do that day........
And why always me!!
Jisoo unnie just confirmed her relationship with an actor but she didn't got any hate no am not jealous i love it that she didn't got any but i got and i have still not confirmed it is just a rumour just why!!!

• if lisa unnie dance in a seducitive way she is hot and sexy but if i do the same i m sl*t shame why cause i am "kim jennie"
• if jisoo unnie date she ia blessed and loved but if i date then i am hated and cursed why cause i am "jennie kim"
• if rose unnie wears sexy outfit or act cute she is called sexy and preety but if i do the same i am called attention seeker and pick me girl why cause i am "jennie kim"

i just act in the idol and got hate but jisoo unnie never got any yea!! I accept there were many seducitive dance and 18+ scene but doesn't kisses count in 18+ jisoo unnie have kissed in a k drama yea!! Afcourse not really just for the shoot but even i did it just for the shoot so why giving hate to me..

I broke my ankle during a Concert and i was called lazy dancer then when i came live still nobody cared about me just asking about other members whyy just whyy i am human too i was hurt guys..

You guys say to me to leave the group but lisa will not have her soulmate then how jisoo unnie is gonna handle the makne alone who will goes to rose when she is left alone..
you guys call me the villian of the k pop but you forgot a hero can kill his loved once to save the world but a villian can kill whole world just for his loved once...

Do i still deserve the hate.......

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