Time Bandits: Quantum Solace
"Time, is a Mocker. And the only Joy one can truly get out of its Company, is to come to the Realization that, 'in Time,' it WILL Catch Up to you. And then, Run you Over like a Freight Train!"

A #WRITCO Series

A BESTIES Collaboration

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Robert and Tabitha sat down in their chairs, lost and forlorn. Robert was of course the first to rise. Sitting reminded him too much of the wheelchair. He walked over to the monitors and stared at the screens until his eyes literally closed shut


He woke up to a loud buzzing sound, like a swarm of bees!

Tabitha was nowhere to be found. The shield had been dropped, and there were spikes all over every Quantum monitor. Some were from top to bottom, others went straight across the screen. What he saw then shocked him beyond imagination. He saw himself, and himself again.
And again.
Again again and again.
They kept coming over and over and would not stop.
Eventually, the entire room was inundated with variable Roberts.

The original Robert released a gutteral violent outcry and panic caused him to blackout again.

"Robert." He heard a faint call.

"ROBERT!" Again, but louder. "WAKE UP!"

"What, what," he asked.

Tabitha tapped him on the shoulder to rouse him, and pointed to the TDD. "Look, someone, or something is coming through again..."

4... 3... 2... 1...
Beep. Beep. Beep.
The bombs tick, counting down lifelines.
And they explode.
The dimly lit hospital bed with the sound of an electronic heartbeat welcomes a new destiny, since the memories of everything have shattered and crumbled like hopeless rocks.
Robert and Tabitha finally realized that the disappearance of the three strange entities who summoned the old man was real.
Even the old man is gone, and they're out of track. Neither one of them knows how to find the old man.
This time, they can only detect energy, but passing through the portal is quite impossible. And this is the quest that the tandem has to urgently undertake.
But there's a bigger problem: the entire quantum was permanently shut down. It was suspected that the last entity who crossed through it intentionally damaged the portal.
"So does it mean there's no other way to save the old man?" Tabitha said.
Robert couldn't say a thing, but it's very obvious that his face awfully has to agree that they're hopeless to find the old man or to reopen the portal.
"And there's only one thing we need to do; we gotta search for the old man," Robert said.
"That's totally impossible, especially now that—"
"His true identity. We need to find the life of this mysterious man!" Robert interrupted.
They worked hours on the monitors, and after nine years, they finally utilized their forte in spying. They both found the exact new location of the target.
21st Misty Green Hills, Mulligan District, South Humming, near New Oreo's Factory. "Perfect!" They shut the computer, packed their suitcases and leather coat, and started the car engine.
The car is parked on the street in front of the house. From the distance, Tabitha put on his owl eyeglasses and a mini computer built on her tiny pinkish arm, while Robert lit up a cigarette from his coffee-colored coat.
They planned their moves to get into the house like cats.
The house is new and more advanced with industrial designs, but it's very obvious that it's been abandoned for not quite a long time.
After less than ten minutes, they managed to enter the house like the owners. Thanks to the heating device that melts down the locks on the gate and on the door.
The receiving room is decorated with minimal memories painted on the picture frame, lined up chronologically. And from these photos, Robert and Tabitha could agree that the old man used to be in the military, a skilled and wise man. He was the chief of the famous battalion that championed the war between Blue Galaxy and Satan Rahas Eleven, possibly three decades ago.
Aside from being the best daddy for his two sons, which is also evident in the picture frame, he was also awarded as the most promising chemist for creating the most massive nuclear bomb years later.
"Wow! This man is a hero!" whispered Tabitha.
"Yeah, and mysterious too," Robert added.
And in their search, they managed to get into the secret door.
They get into the room with a lot of curiosity. From the messy wires, experiment tube, left-over dust, and brand names of the secret formula bomb making, they finally learned that the old is...
"Shawn Santos III is the real name. He must be convicted because of this," Robert exclaimed.
"I don't think you understand this. You see how innocently this man fooled us. He made us look stupid. He was a traitor! He has a plan to sabotage us!"
"The reason for one of the old man's son's deaths is this! He secretly built bombs, and they exploded on August 14, 1996," Tabitha continued.
"Maybe that's the reason why the old man is dying to cross over the past and into the future because his life was really miserable and full of regrets," Robert hypothesized.
On the final door is a big mystery machine covered with dusted cloth. Robert uncovered it, revealing an old and more mechanical quantum machine.
Their eyes crossed in excitement. Somehow, it's a new form of hope for the both of them.

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