The Fall Of Esther
Chapter- BeneathThe Surface

Footsteps pounded through the dusty base. Spider's stridulation made a soft rhythm in which the two men sat with a glass of beer, pouring down from the mug to the floor, creating harmony between the sizzling sound of the freshly whipped bear. cling-clang of glasses, sharp knife cutting, and evil, almost slithery laughter filled the place inside the dusty, unfriendly base.

Two people working on an enigmatic artifact.

Each piece leading them here and there, no clear calling of direction, could be heard. Each segment seemed to be a story of its own, raising questions of whom, where, and why?

The senior, his nose crooked beneath a jagged scar like a question mark, barked orders. His silver jewelry glinted in the firelight, a stark contrast to the junior's grime-encrusted uniform. Dirt caked his brown attire like dried earth,a testament to their recent descent into the bowels of the world.

The base was of a recycled double-decker room for the purpose of sleep, which hindered by the hard as rocks mattress with nothing but a pillow. Above, a solitary television, its screen obscured by dust and spiderwebs, offered a blurred glimpse of the outside world. There the human beings, only helpful when met with all their agreements, lived at a destruction, hampering every corner of the world.

© Nazah Purnota