what then?
I was sitting on the bed and still awake from sleep to eat and go to work, and suddenly I found a strange number drawn in front of me 299 I go to the kitchen, I find the number drawn in front of me and it remains 300 and every time I go until I find it it increases more I remember

In a dream, I tried to hold the number drawn, and I actually caught it, and I found the decoration changing, and I found myself in such a strange place, full of flowers, gardens, and sweet things, and suddenly

A genie appeared in front of me and he had this number, which is 299. Of course, I went through and he locked me in a room like this, and the room had 299 drawn too much. I tried to read the number.

The superpower made me break the locked door and caught the genie. I don't know where I got this courage from, but I locked him in a lantern and took him with me, along with his number.

I kept asking him for all my wishes, and he was not satisfied with me. I was the one who imprisoned him, and he tried to get out of the lantern, and everything I asked him to do was the opposite.

I ask him for money, for example, to make me poorer than the first, to succeed in itin the job, he makes the manager annoy me and say this is a job scene

I wrote the number 300 on my desk, and it became stronger than the first, but this time the genie came out of the lantern and confronted me, and I kept hitting him, and I was very afraid of him, but this is the strength of the number.

And this time, I took control of him and imprisoned him in his terrifying time, expelled him, returned the room, and drew on the precaution a third number purely from my composition.

Which was 444. I found myself in the room as normal, but this time I had a treasure key and a box containing a lot of gold. I opened it and I wish I hadn't done that.

I found gold in a genie, but there is a lot of it, so I fight all of them. How did I try to close the box, it didn't want to close, and he bit me, and I don't know what this bite will turn me into?

I found the alarm clock ringing. Oh my God. #shortstory
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