that car
It was a few days ago
I was coming towards the house with some household items, both hands full of bags.
Usually I stay at home only if there is work i get a chance to go out
As an ambivert, I also like to stay at home and it is very rare for me to go out alone at night
it was almost 7:30pm it was a bit dark
There was no one else, everyone was coming by vehicle
and I had to come home the other way So there is a place on that road: where there is no house only farm and that road
So when I was coming there was a car coming from behind
Coming in front of me, that car stopped at a short distance
I looked back and checked that this car may have stopped due to some other reason or maybe there will be someone behind them
I saw no one was behind. i felt weird
Then I thought maybe they have to ask the way idk why but I didn't feel right to go near the car.
So I started going on the other side of the road.
As soon as I reached the car its window glass opened and i saw there were two men and the driver asked me where to go i was nervous I refused
he asked again i refused again Seeing that I didn't have anyone else I didn't go in front of the car but I started going back.
And after a while that car was gone
I don't know why I felt that fear why was that so weird
and it's okay to feel like this or not, I don't know maybe they wanted to help me or something else
but i didn't trust don't know why
but this never happened to me
But I have heard a lot about such bad incidents which happen a lot these days in roadside or city.
My heart and mind didn't allow me to trust
i don't know is it right or wrong
is it okay to feel that fear and unsafe??