Dracula Reborn: I Am He
"Here is wisdom, He is as a god, numbering six hundred sixty-six."

1476 AD

"And for your crimes against humanity, and also to the church and her clergy; namely the Pope and His Cardinals, committing sins most blasphemous. And, too, calling yourself God. We hereby sentence to you a righteous and immediate death. Do you wish to confess your crimes before we send you to the next life, monster?"

He looked among the crowd, looking for His beloved and finding her not.

Dracula wept!

"You say that I sin," He replied , "and a grave sin worthy of death? But I say, I have not. The words I spoke were taken straight from my Father, just as your lord also justly claimed and you accepted. Allot me to ponder your minds, and tickle your ears with my tongue of silver, and silk.

"You worship one, you know not. He was/is not one of you: by his own tongue from above. Even by his own mouth, you will never ascend beyond his level to rise to greatness. You are all the same, no matter what you do, or how you prove your loyalty. I offered greatness for Companionship, my friends were generals; I have no slaves. He condemned, I judge not. He saves, I delivered. Furthermore, he spoke in parables, I speak truth. Likewise, he is the friend of god, I am yours as God. You hated him because he hated you. You hate me because I love you. He forsook his people. I saved mine. I understand not the folly of your thinking, only this. You believe you are your own gods. Fine, but we will both return; I first, then him. And I assure you, by the time I am done with your lot, that thing would never touch nor deliver you. Behold, I see my brethren calling me from beyond the flames!"

Having finished his speech, the Cardinal asked "has the accuse any advocate why he should not suffer his fate?"

A lone soul, dressed in all black, started to speak; but was shot in the throat by an errant arrow.

"Having no one thus to advocate your life, so thence we proceed!

And he lit the flames around Vlad Dracula; and as he hung on the cross, being burned at the stake he cried out. "Oh my beloved, now do I see your face once more. Into your arms I fell my spirit."

And with a final cry, he perished at the hands of the Vatican.

And because of his prophecy, they postured to parse his flesh into four; burying them separately. But his heart was taken itself alone to the Vatican, where it remains to this day. Then they decreed that his true surname never be mentioned again; less his corpse once more should prevade the land!


"The Holy Spirit feeds on the dead, vampires on the living. But we offer eternal life, as you still live!"

© I Am MichAel

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