Nikah is Love.
When Allah bestows upon you a person who will enter in your life with the literature of togetherness she will be called as your Begum. Then remember, it is a blessing and be dedicated by your own. Where you could lead yourself as open from the inside to have a conversation and as it follows, and the guidance of Allah SWT. It is all about, what must allow you to value and thank Allah, that he give her to you. And try to identify that the blessing in Nikah, it is that exact togetherness that I have mentioned above, and yes. There will be priorities or your opinions won't match with each other straightaway but what must be in your outlook, it's about the bonding how you lay it down, and your true intelligence. It isn't hidden in the qualification, but it is in the poise and how you admire the values in between you two and Never give up after one another. The greatest qualification is in how you cherish each other and build something that will prosper. May Allah make us among those who understands the meaning of Nikah.