Something I feel,
something I write,
Something is good,
Something I don't like.
© I m little,I m silly,and I love poetry..
Somewhere the sun hides ,
Somewhere the moon rise,
somewhere someone fights,
somewhere someone dies.
The life never stops,
till you say goodbye.

The boy hiding behind trees
don't know who are those
he tried to communicate
but till he say something
hunters make him died.

The cat on the tree
stalking the snake
climbed up the highest branch
and fall into the green grass,
Snake get to know about her
and bite with the anger
the cat was sent to the god..

time passes very fast
Monty was late because of eating
too much fast,
his stomach get failed to digest
the food acted as poison,
and sent him to the hospital,
there his treatment starts.
after 3 weeks he get well.

live life..