zo zo zombies!! ch1
Chapter 1: Outbreak

It began with an unsettling stillness, a calm before the storm that gripped the city in an ominous embrace. As dawn broke, citizens awoke to an ordinary day, oblivious to the invisible threat silently infiltrating their midst.

Reports of bizarre incidents started trickling in – erratic behavior, cannibalistic attacks, and a strange contagion spreading like wildfire. Panic ignited as the city descended into chaos, and the once lively streets transformed into a nightmarish battleground.

Amidst the confusion, Alex, a former military officer haunted by memories of combat, sensed the impending disaster. Instinctively, he gathered a diverse group of survivors: Sarah, a resourceful scientist; Jake, a skilled mechanic; Maya, a nimble parkour expert; and Marcus, a pragmatic ex-cop.

Together, they navigated the urban maze, witnessing the horrifying metamorphosis of their fellow citizens into ravenous zombies. The group quickly realized that cooperation and strategic thinking were their only means of survival.

The initial goal was simple – escape the city. Streets echoed with desperate screams and eerie groans as the group fought through the undead, scavenging supplies along the way. Each narrow escape heightened the tension, forging an unspoken bond among the survivors.

As the day unfolded, the magnitude of the outbreak became apparent. Military efforts to contain the infection failed, and communication with the outside world grew scarce. In the midst of uncertainty, the group stumbled upon a radio broadcast mentioning a potential safe zone on the outskirts.

Driven by hope, they set their course, navigating through dilapidated buildings and desolate alleys. However, the shadows of uncertainty loomed large, and the true test of their resilience had only just begun.