I look around the field. The leaves have fallen from the trees and had turned to a sunset orange. Halloween is nearly here.
"Bella! Bella!", I turn around to see my friend running towards me with a letter in her hand. "I got my letter from Harvard", she says with a little squeal. I signed well did u get in. She opens it and squealed so loud that the dogs barked from the neighbors house. "I got in!", she jumps around in excitement. I raise my arms to hug her but she runs home to tell her parents. I put my hands back to my side. Lily is the only person my age who understands sign language. The only other way to talk is to write down what I want to say, but people don't want to wait for what I have to say. they don't have the time I guess. I turn around to my house and buster, my dog, run towards me. He barks a few times before laying on his back asking for a belly rub. I softly smile and give him what he asked for. The phone rings, but I don't pick it up, since I can't really speak. Here we don't have I phones we had telephone or the brick cell. My brother, Jamey, usally answers it, but he is at work. He doesn't know sign language either. I used to speak before the wreck. People say that it's trauma that caused me to go mute. I sometimes wonder what would of happened in my life if I didn't went into the wreck? Would I be a singer like I always wanted? So many what ifs rush throught my head. I just wish that I could talk right now