Can I be a TV?
Can I be a TV? That has always been my dream, to be a TV. Here are some reasons why.

No.1 - People actually pay attention to it. They watch intensely as it expresses its different emotions on a screen. When it shows something sad, people get sad with it. When it shows something that would make people mad, they would get mad at something that happened, not the TV. The TV is just a messenger, no one should get mad at it for trying to give you news you need to hear. Clearly that can never happen in real life.

Next, when the TV is broken, everyone would try their hardest to fix it. They would call people to help it, they would try to fix it themselves, and they are sad when it breaks. As you can see, when I'm broken into pieces, everyone thinks I'm "over reacting". No, I'm just tired of always faking a smile, and I need someone to fix me. That's all.

Also, the emotions that the TV shows is always the center of attention. Pretty much like the first reason, but in a.... deeper tone. My feelings have always been left aside as a joke, as just some random piece of garbage no one wants to pick up.

Lastly, people actually want it. This one hits different, y'know? Because people actually pay a LOT of money to have it, get it fixed, get adjustments, etc. That can never happen to me. If I need, not want, NEED something, like food or water or a clean, bug-free home, people just laugh, and they never bother to fix me. They never bother to just spend 5 dollars so I can have food that isn't expired.

These are some reasons why I want to be a TV. People say I over react, but ask anyone who knows me, they'll tell you otherwise. But of course my dream can never come true. After all, I'm only a small girl everyone throws aside like garbage. Just let me be a TV, and I'll be happen. Just a TV. Simple request. That's all.

Authors note:

I know yall are going to think I'm over reacting because I'm young. Think what you want, but this is all real. Ever since January, I just wanted to be a TV. It sounds a lot better than being alive right now. But I have to fight for my brother, my father, and my aunt and uncle. They need me after what has been going on, and I need them. This sounds cheesy and really weird and cringy, but it's true. Oh, and the reason behind me writing a story, disappearing for like, a month, then writing something completely random is because I'm probably reading, crying, or sleeping. Anyway, that's all. And thanks to my followers for reading my stories and stuff and helping me through my journey. See ya later. (and by that I mean idk when)