Everything had changed
Write a story about a moment when you were entirely absorbed in a certain activity. Moments that attracted you, for example.
The smell of smoke mixing with the early morning dew
The sound of frogs croaking in the far spread water courtesy of the slight shower also known as the November rain
The cold thin air
The dark empty sky
As I sit outside at 5am in the morning
I noticed an orange bright glow casting it’s shadow against the other side of the fence
I really didn’t mind at all
I guess you could say I was barely concentrating….
My mind just went back to that night
The night I saw you for the first time since March
When I realized everything had changed
You weren’t the annoying boy who made me smile secretly
Who I felt just listened to me rant
You were different now
The boy who made me feel love
That night still hits different
That night of the concert
I remember looking for you in the midst of the crowd
You’d sent a picture showing where you were
Thank you to that lady with the orange hair
I wouldn’t have found you on time
But then I saw you from behind
And there you were
I saw the haircut that you were so proud of
Your shirt that you’d changed earlier on
It was light brown I think which complimented the Jean trousers you wore with crocs
You were standing with your friend
The inner me was so excited to see you
I had made up so many scenarios in my head of how that night would go
How we’d ditch the crowd at some point and just hold hands till the sun came up
But what I got was better Than that
Even though I felt like you weren’t comfortable with holding my hand
Later on I’d find out it’s cause no one ever did
And that would make me feel even more special
I thought of falling asleep on your shoulder
But you simply walked about too much and that ended up not happening
You got lost three times and somehow I made it my mission to find you
I didn’t want you to back to your sit
Your sit … you know the one in the front which you had given up just to sit with me
I felt ecstatic!
But at the same time infuriated…the last time you went when you said you’d only wanted to buy something and said you’d be right back
I waited till you were gone for an hour
I called and your phone turned off
I looked for you in places trying to fit the description you’d given me but I couldn’t find you
Luckily you’d charged a bit then called and although I was still angry I just had to go find you
The rest of the night went well
We held hands and you introduced me to your friends as ”your girl” your girl!
Then it became cold at some point and I fell asleep at some point
But we knew when it was time to go
We held hands till we eventually departed
You crossed to the other side with your friends and I watched you walk from behind
Smiling at the thought that the day in late November was absolutely magical
And even now as I sit outside I feel overwhelmed with acute nostalgia as I remember that beautiful night