So I met this girl on Facebook and we got talking. Though I was reluctant at first, being a guy of few words or an introvert as they say, so as much as I barely have anything to say in person but ofcourse having it all bottled up in there, the same goes for social media, so chatting with her at first was so stressful and draining as you imagined, "Sigh".

Kate was a fine young girl in her early twennies, a mixture of good and evil. She could easily be a sweet loving Angel and the next few seconds she's not far from the devil but I liked her like that, well who doesn't?, she has this unique way of making you fall in love with her without your permission. Thinking about it now terrifies the hell outta me, sending shivers down my spine, " yeah she could do that too". she could make you love and hate her the next moment but I understood to an extent, it was more like a protection she wore, shielding herself from whatever it is was coming or so she thought.

I eventually fell for her charm "yeah right" and Kate somehow managed to break into my shell as I imagined she always do, dragged me out and we got talking. From chatting about random casual stuffs to a tinny winny bit serious matters and all that, making phone calls, getting to know each other and burning the mid night candle, "Lol", you know how the early fun days work even though they never last. It's just like somethings are programmed to be short lived. Well maybe just maybe this was an exception, but I did kept it at the back of my mind, not like I'm a negative thinker or pessimist but I didn't want to get my hopes high and watch it shatter later on. With someone like Kate you could never say never.

We got so attached that sometimes she felt like a second skin, always here, there and everywhere all at once. After all the weeks of never ending conversations, Kate being Kate wanted us to meet physically saying we've passed the hide and seek stage " Lol" whatever that meant though, well I tried, seriously I really tried but she still once again managed to drag me out of my house and yes we met.

Mehnnn!!! I exclaimed in my mind, awe strucked by the figure I was seeing, Kate was indeed an Angel wearing a simple flower decorated gown and well fitting easy wear with her hair neatly packed. Girl was fine, hot as hell and well carved, whoever created that girl really burnt the midnight candle, "uhm uhm" someone as fine as this was definitely created when the day was the brightest. Kate was a charm in person, icing on a cake, I know her pictures were beautiful but in person? she was something out of the ordinary, but they say the beautiful once are not yet born, I wonder if I'm dead or something?. well whatever happened the remainder of that morning we met over breakfast remains a mystery to me myself and of course you as well "Lol".

The 16th of March 2023 yes I would never forget or maybe I will, of course I wont, marked the day I asked Kate out " Shy", yeah it got to that it always does right?. Being so attached to someone that the only way you can imagine keeping that person close or forever is through love. Well guess what? Yeah you guessed right, she said yes and now we are a couple a weird one at that "Lol". But you know how it feels right, maybe not, to love someone and be loved in return even though it took me a lot of will power to ask her out, I was protecting our friendship, I was not ready to lose her for love or so I thought. Thank God I did " smile" "wink".

And now weeks, days, hour's, minutes and seconds has passed already and we're still in love, growing together and hoping we get lost in the warmth of the love we share. Its beautiful I swear, Love right, you should try it too.

Ma Petite Chérié as I fondly call her in French yeah she speaks French too, she's a mixture of Joy and bliss, she's something I have never felt before, she came into my life just when I was uncertain about life and gave me clarity, even without knowing how much she's made me want to live more, love her more and show her I could be all she will ever want and need. Just thinking about her makes my stomach flutter and my face carves into a smile, I mean lately I've been smiling more than I've done in the past months. I hope it never ends.

I've had my own fair share of psychological trouble that made me shut people out, wanting to be by myself, I loved and craved solitude, until Kate happened.

You know some times our mind could be a cage shutting us out from all the good things that is ours, things meant for us, people and even Family, the funny part is they could be lurking around waiting for just a simple leak to flow in and water down every heart sickening feeling or thoughts.

Well for me the key to my redemption was Kate and sometimes they come as the devil, Angel but you might be Lucky to have a mixture of both just like myself, "Lol" it might be scary at first you know, being in isolated solitude, yeah it could be that deep, and all of a sudden someone or something creeps out of nowhere playing the hero in a story you never knew you were the prey and the predator, wanting to save you even though you do not feel lost.

I hope you heal of whatever it is that's eating you up, I hope you find your own Kate.

© WillieWrites