The abandoned Observer ch1

Chapter 1
A name

I don't remember why I am here, all I do is watch every world that has been created for each hundred years. But no one can see or ear me, and that was a sad existence to a point I didn't care anymore and try to die before raising. I might be already dead one day, I went to a world that was divided between the sword and magic. And meet a baby that looked right at her at, least she thinks she is she looked like a fluffy monster. The baby always laughs when she is around, at least that she heard forms the maids, so she decided to stay with the child.

The child was born into the Duke of the sword kingdom, which dislikes the magic kingdom next door. But they are in a peace treaty right now that is supposed to last fifty years. Now magic is born in every child, but if that magic is sealed away within the mother, that child will not have magical ability. But eventually, that seal will break, and the child that is born will have the magic of generations born before it. That is what happened to this child who was born from a mother who gave birth to eleven children before it.

Four years later, she stayed with that child it slowly became her friend, talking to her, and she taught him. How to read they sent most of their time in the library the boy had no name until he turned five and gave his sword that his chosen for. Two nights before his fifth birthday, she had a dream of the boy further. Of him, be in slave in a tower force to make magic weapons, and when he turns ten. He will be forced to have a monster become a weapon that would kill him. She got these visions before and let them happen because she could do nothing to stop it. But for the first time, she felt that she couldn't let it happen, so she walked over to the boy sleeping in his bed. Put a hand over him and let him see what she saw to warning him what would happen if he stayed.

The boy woke up with a start sweating and scared he got out of bed and asked if that was real. She looked at him and said "yes if we don't get out of here now. "But where could I go," "the magical kingdom," "but l have no money," "in the library." The next morning, he walked to the library like nothing happened she pointed at the magic section. "But what book the rest are fake and will tell them someone getting it." She walked over and pointed at the book on the second self he got the step and took it. Nothing happened for a minute, but just then, it opened to stairs, and we walked down to a big room. Where magical items and money form people, they kill he found a magic bag that fits up to a two room worth of storage. He put money in three magical stones, and then she found a magical bracelet that had a magical barrier. The powerful you were the powerful it was we then stop a door that lead to an underground tunnel.

To the theif Guild "What do you want, boy?" asked a man who keeps his face hidden. "I need to get to the magical kingdom, and I need a weapon."Five sliver coins for safe travel to magical kingdom." The boy pulls out five sliver coins from a small pouch in his magical bag. The man opened a door to cage magical creatures who could change into weapons. "What are you looking for?" he asked the boy at her,"a bow,"she said."A bow, please," ask the boy, "good choice, now let's see if you have the magical rank." He took him to a cage of a wing cat with horn and the size of a deer, he put a hand over to him the cat went to attack him but the min it bit him he let go and lick his finger. The boy pulled out a big blue stone, and the man opened the cage. The wing cat went small and turned into a black and purple cat. The man took them to a carriage where a young man with black hair and green eyes and long with a fat man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He got in, and she flew in the air to follow it was going to take three days to get to the magical kingdom.

At night, the carriage stopped for the night at the edge of a cliff, the boy sat down at the edge "hey do you have a name?" He asked the monster," No, but do I think I am a girl?"Ok then, Elanor and the cat Raliz, now you pick my," said the boy. She thought and "Lucero, it means light star because what you feel like to me." "Lucero I like it right Raliz, let get some food, otherwise we have to pay the ride for his goods," he got up as Raliz turned into a bow and arrows.