Easy to blame
Why do we often look for someone to blame when there is a problem? Tell us in story writing what you think about it.

It's easy to blame someone.
We do feel guilty about it still the world remains unfair sometimes.

I have been diligent in my work and also lived a responsibile life. When I entered in my field of work, everything felt so new and exciting. I had friends and colleagues with whom I had great rapport. The seniors were supportive and boss was pleasant. The workplace was fun in first few weeks. But life is not all rosy and we too had times when things are hectic or not in place. It could be professional or personal sphere, but it do affect the workplace.
It all started when the team of new juniors started involving themselves in gossips and talks with our senior group including one of section head.
It was all casual, and any delay in the work or deadline issues of our junior were covered by our team as we were responsible for them.
Slowly, these gossip group became more frequent, and delays continued to happen.
I have to request them many times or interrupt their talks to make them do their work. Rather than helping us maintain proper functioning of workplace, the seniors asked us to cover for them.
These kind of office politics does affect us mentally and finally as a last straw, I personally had to scold them when we lost a project because of their inaction.
The next day, I was called my the boss and reprimanded for it. My protests were not heard and was told that this behavior will be put in my file. Apparently a complain was raised against me and the fault of the work was put on me.
I had to stop involving with them and decided to keep to myself. And I got better offer, I switched my company.
After few years, I met one of my coworkers, and we went to a Cafe.
" Hey Prakash, do you know that Sonali had been fired?" My friend Abinash said abruptly as we were catching up about our life while having our coffee.
"Sonali, you means the boss pet?" I asked.
"Yes, the company lost a big deal because she misplaced the project data and blamed her new junior for it.' Abinash continued, ' But the Junior had a close connection with one of the executive."
" She couldn't got away with it, then." I had a light chuckle.
"It's easy to blame someone but first we need to keep our act straight, or there will come a time we have no one to blame but ourselves." I thought while returning back from the outing.