Life Matters
A mysterious disease killed 95% of all humans. You survived by keeping to yourself and being alone. One day, you found a woman stuck under some rubble. She calls for your help and promptly does so. What happened next is up to what you will write.
After an hour sitting in the couch she is sharing her trazic story and I am still, not knowing what exactly my stand on her. Do I really need to make a friendship? She is much younger to me. My mind says - so what!
She guess something. A girl's intuition is more than a man. She finishes the story and says - where is the kitchen?
My brain is giving wrong signals on her activity. Being an educated civilized I warn my brain.
Silently she gets up and unexpectedly declares - I have lost my everything. Need to start a fresh.
Her words are illuding me. My greed on her physic is controling my brain. Forgetting my ethics. principles ...
After a month, she is in the kitchen and I am in the study. A couple in this new world - imperfect, but this is symbiosis to create a new human society where religion, age, or money does not matter except life.
© debashishbhattacharya