Chloe #2. Routine
Chloe's alarm chimed, she knew it was 5am in the morning,she hadn't slept well,her mind wandered in her new environment.School didn't seem like the safest haven she enjoyed while in her parents house.

As she followed the other students to their classes,she was carried away by the sounds of the tweeting birds and the rustling of plants. It was a chilly morning and she didn't notice that the natural ambience had carried her away, when she screamed from a hard cane.
"You ought to be in class" A female teacher warned her.
"You didn't have to punish me "Chloe cried.
"It's part of the school routine"She explained plainly.
Chloe just muttered a feeble sorry to her teacher and walked to class crying.

"My name is Kai" someone muttered softly yet friendly to Chloe's ears.
Chloe was crying and her face was buried in her desk,She dried up her tears and met Kai's eyes which were staring too deep into her eyes, she blushed.
"Welcome Chloe" He smiled at her .
Chloe noticed he had the most charming smile she had ever seen.

"Hold my hand please,"Chloe obeyed as Kai firmly made her stand on her foot, She thought it was a Rapunzel love story when everyone in the classroom stood too and held their hands together in a circle .
"It was a prayer session',she sighed with relief.

"I will learn all the routine and never land in trouble again" She thought.

© purity ndinda