Chapter 2 : Bygones
sometimes I wonder what about their children?? I have never seen them or even heard about them.like ever!! Should I go over there? Take a sneak peek of their walls?People most fondly display them on their walls, like their art....pet and pickney do get their fair share in every household. They are the most easily available artwork that one can generate.
Now It strikes me.They rarely have any visitors..no honking of the relatives cars...no loud greetings...no heavy goodbyes...nothing!! Even I am being called upon by neighbors...the paper wala bhaiya...doodhwala....atleast they all make me come out of my box.
Once I had to spent twenty minutes out in the scorching sun just to make people believe that they were at the wrong address and that they had taken a wrong turn. I am not the girl they were looking for their son. It's 135 Chaurangli Lane and not 555. Dude just move on ...find your angel some where else!!
where was I? Yes! Somehow why I am getting this weird feeling that "all peace and no play" is all a big ploy........

© Ujwala