Can I go back?
I look down at the broken vase. It pieces r scattered across the floor. Just like my heart. My heart was broken many times each time makeing cracks. But this one broke it with just three words and it sure isn't I love u. I can throw many cases or pictures I want, but it won't sooth the pain.
I just wanted to find someone to that loves me as much as I love them. But...when will that happen? how long do I have to wait?
Is it some I know now or soon to know later?
Will they hurt me like the others did? All these questions haunt me day and night.
All I want is to be a kid again not having to worry bout heartbreak or work. I remember wanting to grow up so bad back then but now I wish to go back. Go back to the happy times, back to just loving my family, back to spending time with them.