howletts zoo uk and my experience clouds leopard
The other animals we saw and we heard from on the zoo keeper that their elephants 🐘 were going to a wild sanctuary they weren't have any more after that unless they can't go to the wild. We or so learn that they will get help if they need it even though they are going to the wild. Two of the males' elephants will be left once they are too old to stay with the girls. So they need to go and find a big male elephant to learn how to fight and match with female groups.

Most of the clouds leopard are old, and the zoo keeper told me that they live as long as a normal cat. She told me that the male I was feeling was sporting, going to breed with the female, but he bit off the female leg. But she still had three litters she told me that cloud leopards aren't related to the leopards or any cats. Their our something between which is weird of them being called leopards when they are not leopards. She or so told me that snow leopards aren't leopards either.