jack was heartbroken, the person he thought loved him and he loved tricked him. to get fame since he was a famous musician.
he sadly walked out of the cafe and walked the cold night sad.
Alice was annoyed. she did not get the job she thought she'd get.as she moved she sighted jack staggering she quickly rushed and held him. but quickly saw it was the celebrity jack!!!.
Amazed she looked around for help but found non.
two cars stopped and picked them up and into thrr car.
she was frightened.
" maybe they thought i kidnapped him",she said.
they later got to a mansion as they took jack in and led her to an office.
she sat before a man who stared at her for a while. then said.
",i want you to be a guy for a while"
"me?" she asked confused ass the man showed. her a picture oof someone who looked like her.but was a,boy.
",i can't" she declined.
"I'll pay you any amount you want", he said.
" any?" Alice needed money and this,wasn't a problem.
"I'll do it"
Her life was goanna change, she's gonna be a guy??!!!
.....to be continued.....