The Eye Of The Tiger-4
When Victoria woke up the next morning she was relieved to see that Liam wasn't holding her waist.But when she checked,she realised Liam was gone.'Did I wake up that late' she thought,checking the time she realised it was 10:39am."I really woke up this late',she muttered frowning.

When she went to the dinning hall,breakfast had already been prepared for her.Sighing she took her seat and started eating as she looked through the pictures she took the previous day.They were amazingly beautiful.
When she was done eating,she took a stroll through the garden taking more pictures of the lovely garden with the colourfull butterflies surrounding the place.Never on her life had she felt this alive.She ran through the garden, enjoying air which brushed softly against her snow,white skin.
Liam, who had just finished attending a meeting came out and stood there admiring his beautiful, alluring wife.Victoria ran wherever her legs could take her and stopped to catch her breath when she saw Liam smiling while gazing at her.
"Holy freak it's Liam"she muttered under her breath.She just stood there staring at him as he also gazed back smilling but she didn't return the smile.
"Hope you're good",he asked.
"I'm well",she answered.
"I've been meaning to ask you something.Can you please tell me the meaning of the paintings at the entrance of the castle?"Victoria keenly inquired.
"It's not the right time for you to be told. You will find out when the time comes" he explained apologetically."Ok",she mumbled unsatisfied.

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