Sinister Stranger and the ring part 1

It was going to be a short hike, a change of pace for the two friends. Neha and Barsha have been together for the last 5 years, from the day they joined together as intern.

Both were roommates and had a great relationship. Barsha was a tall, athletic, and cheerful person, while Neha was a bit shorter, average built, and calm in nature.
Both enjoyed their time together and make plans for outings during holidays every alternate week.
As Barsha had plans with boyfriend and Neha have to visit family in weekend, they really planned their outings.
So this month, they had a plan to visit nearby hill, a popular hiking spot for a day visit and spending a night inside the tent.
It was early winter, with slight cold in night, so they had their woolen cloths ready and started their journey early morning.
The journey was uneventful, and they reached by the noon. They had their lunch in a dhaba near the starting point of hike.
It was a short hike until the camping site.
" It's pleasant weather, a good day to hike!" Neha was excited, which was rare.
" We had planned for it long. Let's have fun." Barsha said happily.
" The camp site from here is only a hour walk, so it might not feel long." Neha said as she read the map.
" Hey look, that guy was waving to us" Barsha said as she was approached by a tall guy.
Neha looked towards his direction, a tall man wearing a hoodie, with the cap covering till his eyes, was talking to her friend.
Barsha was smiling while talking while pointed towards her as if she was introducing her and the guy nodded.
Barsha swiftly returned back and asked Neha to follow this guy.
" Why are we following this guy?" Neha questioned.
" Oh, don't worry, he is Aakash, a regular here. He would guide us through the jungle as there might be snakes." She assured her.
" You shouldn't trust blindly." Neha cautioned.
" It's noon, and there are other people, you are a worrywart. " Barsha ignored her.

So they followed him and reached the camp site soon. The guy directed them to the registration office and later helped them set up the camp. The place was crowded, and for newbies like them, it was a great help. Barsha thanked him and both friends went to explore the surroundings.

In the night, Aakash came and help them with dinner. Neha was sitting near her tent, and reading a novel while Barsha and Aakash were doing the chores.
So, Aakash left after helping them and the two friends do had their dinner and did some stargazing before calling it for the night.
The morning was early and Aakash called them for watching sunrise. It was great and he also helped them take pictures.
" He is definitely trying for you. " Neha commented as Aakash went to his tent for a while.
" I know, I am just giving him company, so that we can have the extra help, which will save us extra time." Barsha smiled mischievously.
" Ah, you are such a player." Neha was used to her antics.
So, finally the time of return came, and Barsha had some talk with Aakash.
She returned after a while and showed Neha a ring.
" Look, he gifted me with this ring" Barsha was elated.
" You shouldn't take this as you have a boyfriend and you can't return his feeling." Neha protested.
" Nah, he understands. He said it's a mark of our friendship. I have already told him I am not into romantic stuff."
" As you wish" Neha surrendered.

This is few weeks back, but something changed after they returned home.
At first, Barsha had mild headache, but later she got ill more often.
She had to take many sick leaves. And Neha had to take care of her work during office hours.
One of such days, as Barsha was on bed rest, while Neha was at work, Neha got a call in her phone.
As she looked, it was Barsha's. She had many missed calls, and text messages.
She opened the inbox and Barsha had called her for help.
" Help me, please come back soon" Barsha had messages her.
Neha called back, which Barsha answered,
" What happened Barsha, are you alright?"
" Neha, help me, there are spiders everywhere."
" What?"
" SPIDERS...EVERYWHERE!!" and the phone was cut off.
Neha rushed back to their house and opened the door. The room was disheveled and Barsha was nowhere to be seen."
Neha searched frantically and called her but their were no answers.