A man was walking in his house, and he kept saying, “Where do I get money from?” and he kept praying to God until I needed something like that brick.

So he says, what is this? He found a ring that looked very sweet, and its color was so red, and the mind flies, so he went to give it to his wife, as he thought of her own, so she coveted it and took it, and did not say this is mine. When he asked her while she was wearing the ring, she disappeared and went to another place as punishment for her dishonesty. So he sat looking for them everywhere, and he didn't feel or tell him what medicine he was doing, so I sent her picture on the tracing website, and her picture didn't want to come down and disappeared from the phone, and it wasn't as if she was there at all, so after he turned it on, he came back fromand after a while, he forgot her at all, and it was not as if she was even there.

And when she disappeared, she went to a place where no one really knew her, and she drowned in the red that was in the ring because she lied and betrayed the trust and took the ring. For his patience, the end was done
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