Siren Love Story. Chapter 4 Layla's transformation.
Layla spent the whole day in the secret cave and she dipped her legs into the water. She was wearing a one-shoulder red with white flower swimsuit and it was waist high and she waited all day for Prince Coromisia. Layla then finally realized she had feelings for him too. Layla took a deep breath and went deep into the cave she saw the section of the rubies and she brought her ruby jewelry set and she put it on. Then later that night Prince Coromisia found Layla near the ruby section and he saw her in her jewelry set for the first time. He swam up to her and gently played with her dropping ruby earrings. Then all of a sudden her mother Quinn appeared out of nowhere and she was furious at her daughter for keeping her secret.


Layla: " I know what you did and my father didn't die from some blood disease. You killed him and I will find proof of it."

Then Layla's mother grabbed her harpoon and she was going to kill Prince Coromisia. Instead, Layla pushed Prince Coromisia out of the way and took the harpoon to her stomach. Prince Coromisia was furious at Layla's mother. Prince Coromisia swam up to Layla she was bleeding out fast and she barely kept her eyes open.

Prince Coromisia: " Hey keep your eyes open okay we're at my kingdom just please keep your eyes open okay."

King Drake and Queen Aqua saw Layla and they were horrified at her wound. Prince Coromisia began and cry and he wanted Layla to live. King Drake then looked at his wife and they needed to act as fast as they could.

King Drake: " Hurry my son follow me and your mother to the siren aisle."

King Drake, Queen Aqua, and Prince Coromisia carried Layla in his arms and they went down the siren aisle. They reached the temple and which was made of stone and another gemstone. Prince Coromisia placed Layla on the gemstone bed. It was rubies and sapphires. Then King Drake gave Layla her siren gift. Layla then felt pain and agony and her transformation began. She had a white fin on her back, and a white tail, webbing between her fingers. Her eyes were no longer blue they turned black, and she had sharp teeth, her hair was black and she had ruby seashells on her chest and they were jewelry, she also had her jewelry set. Then the next day she woke up and she saw Prince Coromisia and she gently placed her hand on his head. Prince Coromisia looked at Layla and he began to cry for the first time. Layla gently rubbed Prince Coromisia's back and she embraced him.

Layla: " Hey it's okay and I'm happy and I'm here with you and that all that's matters."

Prince Coromisia: " You can't just jump in front of me like that okay? Don't do that ever again okay."

Layla: " Alright I promise."

Prince Coromisia and Layla embrace each other and they were finally happy. Layla and Prince Coromisia lay down and they drifted off to sleep. Layla and Prince Coromisia held each other that night and they never let go of each other until the next morning.

To be continued...
Will Prince Coromisia and Layla confess their love to one another or will a dark force threaten the kingdom? Find out in Chapter Five.
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