Ugly duckling bride Chapter 109
Zhao Junlie got along very peacefully with his only sibling brother Jun Yan. When Jun Lie was three years old and Jun Yan was one year old, Zhao's mother specially took the Zhao family's car to go to the Aimai wholesale store and bought Lego sets. The pirate ship toy was given as a Christmas gift. For Zhao Junlie, this was the first and last gift he received from his parents.
Zhao Junlie had read all the novels at home and was tired of reading them. He read the same book three times and it was indeed surpassing. Even though writing was not his interest, he played with Lego pirate ships and enjoyed himself.
"Give me this." When Jun Yan was four years old, he desperately wanted to take his brother Jun Lie's toy as his own. "It belongs to me, and I am the pirate leader."
"That's weird, we all play our own roles." Six-year-old Zhao Junlie began to prepare for elementary school and spoke with a firm voice.
"I am mom's baby, who do you think you are?" Jun Yan sarcastically drank the Kening milk powder. He aspired to become the heir of the Zhao family when he grew up. He wanted to monopolize the love of his parents.
"You, talk less." Zhao Junlie was startled at first, then lectured, "Lest mom not be happy after hearing this."
"Brother, you are just a dull idiot. I am the focus of the Zhao family. You are just a dispensable child and do not deserve all this wealth." Zhao Junyan smiled coldly.
When it happened, it happened really fast. In an instant, Zhao Junlie's fists and kicks were on his younger brother Jun Yan, as if he wanted to fight with all his strength.
The Zhao family's maid hurriedly informed the Zhao family and his wife, but Zhao's mother was heartbroken and slapped Jun Lie in the face.
"Bad boy, do you want to kill your brother?"
Zhao Junlie had a strong self-esteem, and it was really shameful for him to show weakness and say what Jun Yan said, so he bit his lower lip and lowered his head in silence.
After that, Zhao's mother disliked Jun Lie and soon sent him to a rural elementary school to study, leaving him to fend for himself. She only loved her youngest son Jun Yan and regarded him as a treasure.
Nine times out of ten, unsatisfactory things in life happen, and Zhao Junlie cannot escape them.
The elementary school in Xixia has a so-called outdoor teaching course. Zhao Junlie is quite satisfied with this course. He can get in touch with nature, leave the school temporarily, and go outdoors to get some fresh air, so the smile gradually returns to his face.
Today’s itinerary is to go to Yangming Mountain to enjoy the flowers°
Zhao Junlie bought Liucheng juice and a sandwich and walked along the road of Yangmingshan.
The class teacher, Li Yu, is a kind old lady. Because of her family's financial support, she has taken care of the lives of her brothers and sisters. She has never had a boyfriend. Now that she is thirty-five years old, she is still alone and has not started a family.
However, she regards Zhao Junlie as a friend whom she has known for many years. The two often eat delicious chicken steak. The most important thing is that she takes the initiative to teach Zhao Junlie how to play the piano, compose music and fill in the music score.
Later, Zhao Junlie was called the Prince of Music. But now Zhao Junlie, a child in elementary school, likes chicken steak with Coca-Cola. He feels happy eating it.
"Jun Lie, I heard that there are hornets infested. We haven't had time to call the fire brigade to deal with it. You have to be careful!" Li Yu gently warned him.
"Yes. I understand." Zhao Junlie nodded and smiled.
He found a quiet corner and took photos of blooming flowers with his mobile phone. Although Zhao's mother had some objections to her eldest son Junlie, she still bought a phablet for him to use.
Ever since he was little, Junlie’s sense of existence has been weak, just because he doesn’t act coquettishly like his younger brother to fawn over his mother’s favor and love.
Huh? what sound?
Zhao Junlie was walking briskly when suddenly a black shadow rushed towards him. It turned out that hornets came out and began to bite Jun Lie's body. Facing the sudden danger, he kept running, running to the place farthest away from Li Yu and his classmates. , and then fell down°
"Hurry up and call the ambulance and police personnel." Li Yu stepped forward to check on Jun Lie's condition.
Fortunately, his heart was still beating. Li Yu hugged Jun Lie and took the ambulance to accompany him to the emergency room of the hospital.
Where is Jun Lie’s family? Li Yu called and went to Zhao's enterprise to find the current president and the president's wife.
"Bite from a hornet! Okay, I will drive my wife to the hospital for treatment." President Zhao spoke calmly.
When Li Yu saw President Zhao and his wife, with indifferent expressions on their faces, she finally understood why Jun Lie, a student, always kept an incompatible distance from the crowd.
"Only children who endure hardship are qualified to become the heirs of the Zhao family°"
"Huh?" Li Yu was stunned. Being bitten by a hornet was fatal, but he regarded it as a matter of hard work.
On the spot, Li Yu was dumbfounded, and her heart dropped for Jun Lie's life.
Later, when Zhao Junlie finished his treatment and was discharged from the hospital, he was sleeping in bed in the middle of the night and dreamed of a hornet stinging him. He opened his eyes and felt so cold that the pajamas on his lower body became wet.
This was his first urinary incontinence, and it was also the beginning of his bitter fate. He was no longer the favorite of his parents, but an imperfect heir, an imperfect child in the eyes of everyone.
"Jun Lie, stop talking. I think it's enough. You have suffered too much. I will always be by your side because I love you!" After hearing this, Noila Mo softly whispered: "No People are perfect, and I don’t particularly want a perfect husband.”
"You must listen to everything before deciding whether you want me to be your husband."
"Jun Lie, eh?" Mo Xiaorou was speechless. What happened?
Was this the first time she saw Jun Lie's helpless and hurt eyes?
"Listen to me..."
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