Wait wait ...I catched your thought it's not a story between person to person gossip love story in corporate 😛😂This corporate love story is between corporate and people 🥲

In this love you can see happiness while getting the offer letter from HR and mainly hearing those sweet words from HR...like (no stress,no pressure bla bla....) Fresher mind voice will be like wow life is settled we got a job 🙂

Then those poor fresher guys survive those difficult intern periods after getting the offer letter (lucky people get stipend atleast , If anyone is reading this while doing intern ,I hope you are getting stipend cheers 🎉)

Now you will see the trailer, where seniors handles the fresher will be like you can ask me any doubt without hesitation . I am always ready to help you but in reality in teams they keep their status as always DO NOT DISTURB MODE or IN MEETING 🥲😂

Then finally freshers complete those six months but they too don't know what they learnt at the end of the intern periods YES TIME will flew away in light speed....🙃

Then what next some Freshers get hired from that intern and here the most interesting thing project allocation 😌

If we need a PEACE in CORPORATE , I know it's not possible only way is to QUIT 😂But your little mental peace is also depends upon which project you are working Mainly YOUR MANAGER 💀

If you are under good manager then it's great it's like you are safe not in danger zone 😂 but if your manager is vice versa then ALL THE BEST...

U will get Mental Stress freely
Then high blood pressure 🙂
This is the time you need to welcome yourself to real corporate by forgetting those HR sweet words...

You can't speak 🗣️ against your manager then your appraisal will laugh in one corner and the performance review will be like ohh noo shit 😂what the hell is this 🥲

Anyway you will get 500 hike only means you can speak by putting yourself in notice period then you can see your better future by searching companies 😂

You all will be like what is the love story it's nothing the love between corporate and corporate people is a mental stress Eeeee!!

Some times you feel like you want to QUIT but you can't able to QUIT that's the corporate...enjoy the FUN FRIDAY 😛🎉

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