From mother to a son
He was quite as usual. He neither accepted nor denied his involvement in the matter. But his Mom was angry. Actually she was sadder than being angry. She was failing, as a mother , as a teacher, as a friend to her child. She wanted to protect him, to teach him the right things , to show him the way towards righteousness. But , she failed to keep track of herself in the process. Unknowingly , she started imposing herself on him and that's when everything started to fall apart....................

It has been ages when she and her son had a real talk. She realised that nowadays he hardly talks and she hardly listens. All she does is shout at him and he answers back. He is just a child, a lad of twelve. He is growing, learning and recognising himself in this world. He needed to be handle with care, with love but she didn't have the patience. She was losing herself and her son at the same time. They were both on the verge of becoming strangers. Her job , career and her personal life as a single mother was something that was pushing her towards the abyss of depression.
Her son needed her time but that was something she didn't have for herself.

"Get a grip"- said her boss.
"Be patient with your baby"- her mother advised.
"Take a break"- said her friend, but none of the sayings made any sense.
She had to pay bills, secure their future, live the present and save for emergency. She was at loss. Being a single mother was indeed a hard job.
All she could do was cry and cry....silently, quietly. And then all of a sudden came the call.

" Maam, your son has beaten one of his classmate
today, kindly visit the principal's office for a small talk"
She looked at the sleeping face of her baby. Surely, he looks so innocent and calm in his sleep. She just brushed some strands of his hair. He was a quiet and gentle child. Violence was not his piece of cake. If he did raise his hands on someone means he was deeply hurt. She felt her eyes becoming moist. A lump formed in her throat. This was her child , her bones and blood. She has faced various problems in her life which were enough to pull her backwards. But she never stopped. Even after Evans death she bravely faced life, gave birth to Evan' s son alone. She left everything behind just to hod her baby in her arms. And now when her boy needs her the most, she cannot step back.

She wiped her tears and braved a smile. She was strong and still is. She will surely overcome this phase of her life too. With her son beside her she will slowly start afresh. She will be patient, she will get a grip of her own anger issues, she will listen patiently to everthing her son says. She will change their lives for a better one.

She lay beside her boy and held him tightly with all the affection overflowing in her heart.

" Aarrgh, Mom, it's hot"- her son protested in his sleep.
But, Amy's smile became broader. She showered her son with kisses and waited for the night to end. Her heart was filled with hope, to begin a new journey , a happy journey with her son Arav. Evan and Amy's son Arav