For New Generation
If our younger generation wants, it can change a lot in the world,There are some problems around us that we ignore even after seeing.Corruption, child abuse, rape, lots of crime are happening around us, let's solve all these, we leave it to the government, There are many bad things in our society, if a child is begging, So have we ever tried this, why is he begging at the age of reading?
Today's young generation are busy with friends in mobile or in their careers or they just want to spend their lives gracefully, How much do you spend in life style, behind mobile, behind clothes, in hairstyle or in twisting, You have got freedom, you have got it, but freedom does not mean that you ignore your country and society,You have got this freedom from country devotees like Veer Shaheed Bhagat Singh, today if you are able to do whatever you are, you will not be able to come in front of them.Even today, we have some youth who work for social service, if you do not have time, what time will you give for the country?
Even today some of our youth consume drugs, they all know, yet many drugs will eat their youth.
We need change and that change does not happen in a day or two, it takes years.If we start from today, then changes have been seen in our third generation.
Life should be inspiring for people.
Forgive me if I have said anything wrong.
Jai hind.
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