Come fall in Love sorry Lust ( Part:-3)

Isn't it immoral to watch a girl changing her clothes? And when it's your teacher then it's like a sin. But since my childhood I have been told to help others and for helping others if you have to go against your principles or moral virtues it isn't considered as immoral at all.

That night I couldn't sleep because I had something weird experience but it made me feel good . Next day was Saturday and my school remains closed on weekends so I didn't mind staying awake because I was mastering myself with the new trick that ma'am had taught me last evening. The exertion and the beautiful feeling kept me on bed for a longer duration and I woke up around 9:10 next morning. My parents had already left for office and as I passed through ma'am's room I could hear sound of running water from her bathroom,she must be taking bath to get ready for her college.

I got to the living room to watch my favourite cartoon Tom and Jerry when I heard ma'am calling out for me

" Rohit,can you please come up here into my room."

Obedience is what I have been taught by everyone, without wasting much time I reached her room. She had her hairs left loose and wore a kameez while her naked milky legs tapered from below.

" Ma'am did you call me "

" Yes,just help me in getting this dress off me. That stupid tailor has stitched it so tight that I can't able to remove it myself. I need your help"

What is this? She is asking me to remove her dress. How can I do that but I don't have any other options because mom wasn't there to help her and she has got badly stuck in that dress . I stood there watching her struggling to get out of the dress,my fingers were trembling. Seeing me she said," I didn't call you to watch me like that help me ."

" But ma'am"

" What but, do as I said "

I went close to her and holding her dress as I try to lift it upwards,I could see her dress slowly slowly revealing her beautiful leg and then her thighs. I couldn't see more and closed my eyes so that I can help her better . My hands did touched her skin but my eyes were closed so I couldn't figure out where did I touch but it's something soft and flappy. I got goosebumps and finally got the dress out of her and she told me

" Thank you Rohit,you are so sweet but why are you closing your eyes. You aspire to be a doctor and you have to check people . If you shy so much how will you treat. Now open your eyes."

She got logic in her statement and that was enough to persuade me. I opened my eyes to find the most beautiful figured girl in just two piece of clothes that hide her most precious treasure stood infront of me. My god,she looked stunning with her buttery fair skin. Before I could understand anything,she came forward and hugged me tight with her soft fleshy mass pressed against me and her hands on my back. I can feel the warmth of her breath on my skin and could smell the fragrance of her wet hair. Her glowing skin not only shines but has got an awesome sweet aroma that filled my respiratory system and blocked my nerve endings. She pushed her hands into my lower section saying," let's see how much capable is my man's weapon."

Her fingers were like catalyst that speeded the reaction and my elements did started to balance as I felt something growing and getting turgid . But what's this? I again gave up, I made her fingers wet this time.

" Wow Rohit it's too hot but you need to learn more but I can smell it's sweetness and it really tastes good," she said as she licked her wet slimy fingers.

" Oh Sorry,Sorry....I just came here looking for Rohit. Sorry," it's my dad's voice that we both heard and saw him standing at the door with his face turned aside and his fingers covering his eyes. Ma'am immediately picked up the bedsheet and wrapped herself in it and I stood there trembling thinking did dad see anything. Hope he didn't because we already had left eachother when we heard his voice.

Dad continued," I had left a file so came to collect it when I saw the main door open. Looking for Rohit i came here. Rohit ,beta come here ", saying this dad went downstairs. I followed him with lots of things going on in my mind . Did dad see madam hugging me ? What is he gonna tell now? I am afraid of his red eyes,with teary eyes I went down.

Downstairs dad asked me what was I doing in her room when madam came running already in her dress told him that she had asked me to help her in removing her dress as it got stuck. Since mom wasn't there so I had to go. It's not my fault. But dad was angry with me because of my irresponsible nature and carelessness as I had kept the main door open . But thanks to Madam's presence there for which he left for office without scolding me. Wish he hadn't seen all that happened within those four walls of ma'am's room.

As dad left with a big sigh of relief I sat down on the sofa while madam gave a kiss on my lips and started to leave for her college. She hardly had reached the main door when she turned back and looking at me said," oh god, amongst all these incidents I forgot to take the clothes for drying. Rohit can you please put them under sun. Please my sweetheart"

The kiss,the sweetheart really comforted me and somewhere I'm now falling for her. Her magic was happening to me and with a smile I told her," you don't worry,I'll do it."

" Oh ,you are such a darling Rohit ," saying this she came running to me and again kissed me on my lips and went away.

I'm now enjoying her touch,enjoying her calling me sweetheart and feeling her presence all over me even though she wasn't near me. With smile on my face I went towards her room to get the bucket of washed clothes. The moment I entered her room my eyes fell on her lingeries , I wondered if her body smells so sweet how much sweetness must be there on her clothings. I picked her one light pink coloured bottom wear and smelled it deeply. Hardly I had ever inhaled for so long and so deep as much as I did now. Seriously it was intoxicating and my eyes turned like that of a drunkard one.

When I have already done the crime of touching a girl's clothing in her absence then why not have some more fun. She got magic in her fingers so won't her cloth have a bit of it?. The wicked me got compelled by her thoughts and I slided her bottom wear into my pants to get the bliss of life. That short piece of triangular cloth was as soft as Ma'am's finger. I really enjoyed the moment when a plan struck into my mind ,if ma'am isn't there atleast her cloth can fulfill my wicked desire. So I took that triangular piece of short cloth and hide it in my room to use it at night to derive the ultimate bliss.