I am no longer gonna let the past hurt me. what is done is done. I am ready to break the cycle. I am grateful for the lessons. I have finally learned from my past. I have a phoenix inside which is ready to be reborn. I can feel the fire. I can feel that I am burning and its painful. My phoenix is rising from the ash. I feel the dust collecting. It'sbeginning. A new me. I Know the ways of the universe now. All I went through was for me to be reborn. I have burned and I am finally ready to spread my wings and fly to a higher place. The universe is proudly celebrating my strength .

Everyone has a breaking point when they feel they are not good enough.It's our ego lying to us. It's the feeling that the society embedded in us from the start. The real challenge is not give up and realise who you really are and to really believe in yourself even when the whole world is against you. You have the key to everything and you don't even know how powerful you are. I hope you realise it soon because it only takes one matchstick to make an explosion.
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