Man who hope with Love: New Beginning
For a few days, the Maanav kept his distance from Priya, he wanted to stay away from Priya, started to ignore Priya's message and phone, Priya was also worried because the human used to talk and never, Priya felt that maybe the human Will be busy with his work.

A few days later,

Maanav was on his way home from a job, someone gave him a voice, Maanav, Maanav?
Priya was calling him when he turned to look back,
Maanav goes to Priya and asks "What are you doing here?
Priya "Who do you think lost in your thoughts that even once could not answer the friend's question?"
Maanav"I was busy in the job, so the march is ending"
Priya "Today I introduce you to my best friend. Dhaara is my best friend."
Maanav has seen Dhaara and says, is this your friend?
Priya "Why don't you feel right?"
Dhaara "Maanav used to tell me about you Priya and in reality, you are a very good boy.
Maanav (jokingly) "I just don't like my compliments more"
Priya "Siddharth is also coming here"
Maanav "Is Siddhartha coming right here?"
Priya " yes "
Dhaara starts talking to Manav at the same time, Siddhartha gets a call on Priya and Priya suddenly says to Maanav and Dhaara "I have to go Siddharth has called me to another place. Maanav Dhaara you both talk and seat here, I went to meet Siddharth.
Dhaara (jokingly) "This is friendship, calling friends and going on your own"
Priya " I will pick you up when arrive"
Maanav & Dhaara currents were talking for a long time,
It had been more than an hour to Priya, Dhaara had to go home as well, Dhaara was calling Priya but Priya's phone was not connected.
Maanav said to the Dhaara "If you have to go home, then I leave you till your house?"
Dhaara "Okay but you have to feed something along the way"
Maanav "Well what do you have to eat?"
While doing both, they go too near the house of Dhaara.
Then Priya's phone calls "Sorry, I have gone home. Where are you?"
Dhaara "will take just 5 minutes on the way, Maanav has left me home."
Maanav "You don't have to eat anything?"
Dhaara "No, the gate of the house is visible in front of it, I live in it."
Maanav "Okay then I go home"
Maanav starts walking towards his house from there.

Dhaara"Sending messages right at home safe"
Maanav "yes of course"
Then both of them walk towards their house.

Ongoing home, when a Maanav looks at a mobile phone, a message comes from an unknown number "at home?"
Maanav "Who are you?"
Answer "I am crazy, you did not give me your number, then I asked Priya."
Maanav "Right both of you are crazy."
Dhaara "Goodnight"
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