Through thick and thickness
Trouble is to walk with not knowing where you heading,ending up with so much confusion shuttering your mind almost forever.Im bleeding not knowing where I'm gonna end up if it's not this it's that, everybody doesn't know and so I haven't too.One morning is so good that I thank God for the life and love i receive everytime in my household and outside.But deep down I'm not pleased something is missing and I can't tell what it is....

I was told not to write a book about what am about to write...

Hi to you reader..
This is a book that will take you to 5different kinds of life but only all come back to one person.
It's not everyday that you wake up smile,cry,feel joy some other days you don't who you are and other days you don't understand your life and other days you just wanna change to another time,but it never happens.My times of being on earth are slowly counting down and I seriously don't know where they counting to, but I have so much unaccomplishment things that really need my attention.Im trying everything to make a purpose for us including me but i can't yet I'm going ahead.
I have created across struggles which I believe they were caused by me,they kept telling it on my face like it's all on me.Well I had nothing to say but apologize,that's where it all starts, apologizing even when not supposed to.I just took that is has a sabotage cause then it all went on and on for year's and I couldn't understand.In this life time I have to say everybody liked me or never loved me if I feel so much space and hurt then definitely they couldn't careless especially on me.Dont forget to see the and "me" that's how obsessed with myself.All is not about me it's basically how the surroundings on me in life is going.Remember that living is another obstacle which we don't know how it's going to end,by we walk on it with positive mind.

In the past few months I choose to cut that circle of whatever was troubling me and was happy that I could feel myself free from everything that followed or bothered me,today I'm sitting in a room alone doomed this thinking how did it all come back again. Right Reserved
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