Life Is Unpredictable 💟
Does life give us a second chance? All my life I've been asking myself only one question. Does second chance really matters. Maybe or maybe not but these is what I think, but Madhu has a different perspective too it. Madhu? Oh Madhu I mean Madhumati She is a daughter of a king . King of Chandrapur. Raja Vishwanath's one and only daughter ! Rajkumari Madhu. She has studied masters of psychology from a very reputated college and now our madhu is back from her University to her hometown ! Madhumati a very beautiful smart opiniated and an independent women who knows how to survive on her own. A proud daughter of a proud father. She never wanted to sit on her father's throne she had her own dreams her own perspective ideas of everything. All her life she only loved one men apart from her father And that is VIJAY . Vijay Khanna A military officer Vijay and Madhu Studied in the same university. They met, They became friends and later as usual they fell in Love. But during their relationship they had to go through alot of difficulties as both of them are smart students it was very beautiful to see their rivalrie as a toppers. But one day due to Vijay's dream of going to a military school he had to leave the university!! two days before he was leaving for his military school Madhu saw something which made her furious and became one of the main reasons for their fight !!! a little misunderstanding took their relationship to an end before he went for his training. It's been a year now that they've been drifted they never contacted each other neither did they texted. The misunderstanding took everything away from them . Madhumati's father was a very fond of militaries and armies destiny and their fate showed up together and a beautiful miracle happen .
Today it's Madhu's birthday and also that day when her father is going to visit one of the nearest military camp to celebrate his one and only daughters birthday But Madhu was unaware about her changing destiny little did she knew that her father was going to get her marry with one of the military officer ! So Madhu gets all dressed up and ready for her 25th birthday As soon as she steps out of her car with her father to their nearest military camp the first thing she notices is VIJAY After almost a year they both saw eachother suddenly all the anger fight misunderstanding comes in front of her eyes and she gets furious almost ready to leave and suddenly her father gave her another shock by saying that Madhu has to marry one of the military officer and his name is ARYAN. Everyone in the camp was happy and congratulating them . Aryan was not only a military officer but also Vishwanath's friends son. So after hearing the news Madhu was just staring at Vijay who was as surprised as she was. They both were staring at each other but now the emotions were changed they were pleading each other through eyes "Stay atleast now" Everyone celebrated her birthday and now it's her time to go back home with her father. all the way to home it was a silence. One side it was her father who arranged this wedding and was really happy on the other side it was her only love where they needed that one second chance with each other again to sort things out.
It's been a month now after the wedding news is spread all over the village and everywhere. Suddenly Madhu's phone started ringing it was an unknown number The moment she picked it someone was crying out really loudly from the other side.
Madhu : Hello? who is it???
Vijay: I'm sorry ! ik I messed everything up the moment I let you go. but i genuinely want to fix this.
Madhu: it's already too late Vijay . After thinking alot I've come to a conclusion. That it's better for us to stay the way we are now. we are better without each other. We bring out the worst in each other.
After saying this she hangsup the call and starts crying without letting anyone know.
Finally It was her wedding today Everything seemed perfect the decoration the food . her family her friends everything. But the only thing which wasn't perfect was she herself.... She Did what she always believed "There are no second chances in life ".
Not Every story that you hear needs a happy and beautiful fairy tale ending Sometimes some endings are meant to be bitter so that the new beginnings gets the happy ending💟💯